What to do if your deposit is not reflecting on Luno

    What to do if your deposit is not reflecting on LunoWhy is my deposit not reflecting on Luno? What do I do now? Have you made a deposit on Luno but not reflecting?

    If yes, then here are the possible things you can do to resolve the issue. Luno processes thousands of deposits a day and uses automated systems to check their bank statements for your deposit.

    That’s why it’s important that you follow the deposit instructions carefully to prevent delays. For any of the reasons below, Luno systems may not recognise your deposit.

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    Incorrect deposit reference
    Did you enter the correct deposit reference number 100% accurately? Deposit reference number is a unique nine-character code that starts with “BX…”. Sometimes, our customers swap their personal reference with ours. This causes Luno special “BX…” reference number to appear on their bank statement and something else to appear on ours.

    For Luno customers in Malaysia, make sure you add your unique reference number to the “other payment details” field as well as the “reference” field.

    Incorrect deposit amount 
    In certain countries, Luno asks customers to deposit a unique amount. This helps us identify which deposit belongs to you.

    Bank account ownership
    Did you make your deposit from a bank account that does not belong to you? Luno do not accept deposits to your Luno wallet if made from a friend or family member’s bank account. This can also cause the deposit to be delayed and in this case, Luno will reverse the transaction, returning the money to the bank account from where it came.

    Duplicate deposit amount
    As a safety precaution, our system stops deposits of the same amount made to the same customer’s Luno wallet within a 24 hour period. If you would like to make more than one deposit in a day, make sure they are all of the different amounts.

    Help Luno find your deposit
    If your deposit is not reflecting in your Luno wallet after two business days (excluding weekends and public holidays), please send us your proof of payment.

    Luno team can only assist you with proper proof of payment from your bank. Your proof of payment must show the following information:
    – Your full name
    – Amount of deposit
    – Date of deposit
    – Reference number used (if applicable)

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