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Facebook Website Messenger – www.Facebook.com: Have you heard of Facebook website messenger? 
The Facebook messenger website can be accessed on any device but can only be used if you use a PC
Facebook Website Messenger – www.Facebook.com
If you use a PC, then it is great news as you can both access and use the Facebook messenger website.

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You can download the Facebook messenger app on your android device or your iOS device. 
Here we are talking about the Facebook messenger website so we would not go into how to download and install the Facebook messenger app.
Facebook Messenger The Facebook messenger needs a Facebook account as the name implies. Facebook messenger website cannot be used if you do not have a Facebook account.

For this exact reason, we would be talking about how to open a Facebook account. A Facebook account can easily be opened on the web or any of the mobile apps.

To open a Facebook account for free,
1. Go to the Facebook website located at www.facebook.com or you could use any of the Facebook apps.
2. Find the sign up link at the bottom of the page displayed and click it.
3. If you use a PC, you can skip this step because you would find the sign up form when you scroll down.
4. Fill the form with your first name, last name, email address, password and even your date of birth. 5. When you finish filling the form, hit the sign up link at the bottom of the page again.
6. The next phase would be confirming your mobile number.

Do this by following the on-screen instructions and follow the rest of the facebook set up steps to complete your account set up.

How to Log In To Facebook 
You could also log in to your Facebook account and access Facebook messenger website if you already have an account.

To do this, open the Facebook website on your PC.
1. Fill the log in form with your Facebook account username and password.
2. Review the information you typed in the text field and click “log in”.
3. Wait for the details to be processed and if it is correct, you would be logged in to your Facebook account on the web.

How to Access the Facebook Messenger Website 
You can easily do this with any web browser if you are already logged in to your Facebook account.

To do this, find the “messenger” tab from the left column and click it. Wait a few seconds to be redirected to the official Facebook messenger website.

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