How to Create Fb Ads – Facebook Advertising | How to Advertise on Fb

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How to Create Fb Ads – Facebook Advertising | How to Advertise on Fb: Do you know how to create Fb ads?

Are you new to the Fb ads?

Then this article is for you because I will be telling you all you need to know about fb ads. 

Fb ads allow you to make awareness of your business, product or service to the interested buyers.

To make different people have the awareness of your brand and also to make them want the product that you are advertising.

How to Create Fb Ads – Facebook Advertising | How to Advertise on Fb

Facebook marketing is a tool that you can use to your business’ story to the world.

Marketing can help you get potential buyers and customers to consider your brand and also build loyal customer.

Fb ads are paid information that is written to help reach the people that are interested in the products. Fb is a very good platform to market and makes your ads.

To be able to use the fb to make your ads, you must have a Facebook account.

Setting Up a Business Page 
Setting a fb business page is very easy and fast, you fb account also be logged in to create a page because you page will be attached to your personal account. Follow the instructions below to set up;

– Proceed to or launch the fb mobile app on your device and navigate to “Create a page” option on the Facebook platform.

– Choose the page type you want to create and then enter your profile details like; Page name and the category.

– Then click on “Continue”.

The fb business page will be created and you can start by uploading a profile picture and a cover photo.

Then invite your fb friends to like your business page, post your products to get more visitors and customers on your page.

Adverting Means on Fb 
There are different means or ways of adverting. Below are the ways in which you can make Facebook advertisement;

Video Ads: video ads are done in a way whereby you get show your product in action or you use an inspirational video.

Slideshow ads: they offer you an easy way to make short video ads from your collection of existing photos or videos.

Dynamic Ads: these ads permit you to promote targeted products or services to the customers who are interested in them.

Photo Ads: this means, all you have to do is to click on boosting an existing photo from your Facebook page.

Collection Ads: collection ads are only available on mobile devices like IOS, Android and others; they showcase one or more products that the customers can tap on to purchase.

Carousel Ads: these type uses up to 10 pictures or video clips to show your audience your product. If you want make fb ads you can use any of the above to make your adverts to gain customers and also make major brand awareness.

How to Advertise on Fb 
To advert your brand or you product, follow the guidelines below;

1. Firstly, choose the brand’s main aim.

2. Enter a name for your campaign.

3. Target the audience you’d like to reach.

4. Select the ad placements.

5. Decide and set your product budget and schedule.

6. Build the Ad you want.

7. Click on “Confirm” button to submit your ad.

Wait for a confirmation mail to be sent to you about your ad submission.

That is it on How to Create Fb Ads – Facebook Advertising | How to Advertise on Fb.

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