Facebook Bitcoin – Facebook What is Bitcoins – Facecoin | Facebook Bitcoins Groups

    Facebook Bitcoin – Facebook What is Bitcoins – Facecoin | Facebook Bitcoins Groups: Looking for what bitcoin is all about?

    Facebook Bitcoin - Facebook What is Bitcoins – Facecoin | Facebook Bitcoins Groups

    This post is about bitcoin and in the course of it, you’ll be introduced to the basic things you need to know about bitcoin and Facebook bitcoin groups.

    As a first-time user, it is easy for you to make use of Bitcoin without going through technical processes.

    In the bitcoin system, there are so many platforms through which you can engage in bitcoin trading. 

    However, today, we will be looking at our article, which says Facebook what is Bitcoins? This means you will get to know what bitcoin is all about and how you can engage in bitcoins using Facebook.

    Bitcoin is a digital currency. They are digital coins that you can make use of on the internet. This currency can be transferred digitally without having to visit any banking hall. This certainly means that the fees involved in bitcoin are lower than any alternative.

    Unlike any other transactions, your bitcoin account can never be frozen, there are issues. It is just so easy to get started with.

    Facebook What is Bitcoin and How It Works 
    Bitcoin is available for buy and sell in different currencies, which are dollars, euros, and pounds sterling, and getting started with bitcoin.

    All you have to do is get your bitcoin wallet on your mobile or PC, generate your address and share this address to others for transactions.

    Sending these bitcoins can be as simple as sending an email to someone. And you can shop anything using Bitcoin. This bitcoin network is secured and guarded by devices known as miners.

    These miners are used to verify every transaction made from the bitcoin wallet and so on. After the transactions have been verified, they are stored in a ledger known as the block chain.

    It is just the best way for any business is reduce costs, it is free to accept these coins and so simple to set up.

    Features of Bitcoin 
    Facebook what is Bitcoins has brought to you the processes on how bitcoin works. So, if you are out there seeking to make use of bitcoin, you should definitely get to know the basics as a first-time user.

    First Time User 
    The very first time to get started is to install your bitcoin wallet on your device. From here, you can be able to generate your address. You can then send this address to others, so, you can send and receive payments to your wallet.

    Your Balances | Facebook What is Bitcoins 
    The block chain is also referred to as the ledger. This is where all network for your bitcoin is laid on. All your transactions made are stored in the block chain.

    It helps your bitcoin wallet to calculate your expenses, so that other expenses can be verified by the spender.

    Your Transactions 
    The transaction made is between bitcoin wallets, and these transactions get stored in the block chain. These wallets are your secret data and are also referred to your private keys.

    It is used to confirm transactions. All transactions and payments made are confirmed within some minutes, by a process known as mining.

    The Processing | Facebook What is Bitcoins 
    The mining process is used to confirm transactions that are pending, by taking them to the block chain.
    A Bitcoin Wallet 
    A bitcoin wallet refers to the tool that helps you to send and receive bitcoin payment. With your bitcoin wallet, you are not eligible to send and receive bitcoins.

    So, to get started, you have to visit the site to choose a wallet and begin.
    1. Visit the bitcoin official site on
    2. On the site, you will find the option to Choose a Wallet.
    3. The next page reveals the different types of wallet that are available to you.
    4. On this page, you will find categories of wallets. There are; desktop, hardware, mobile, and web.
    5. You have to click on whatever category of device that you fall into.
    6. When you click on it, you will find the wallets that belong to that category.
    7. To choose a particular wallet, locate the wallet and click on your kind of device under the wallet.
    8. After you have done that, it will refer you to the page where you have to install the wallet as an app to your device, or visit the wallet as a site.
    8. From there, you can visit the site or open the app and Create your wallet.

    How to Send and Receive Bitcoin 
    Remember, our article of today presents to you, Facebook What is Bitcoins? So, this means that you will be getting every detail you just need to know about bitcoins.

    Do not forget, you can also get much help for bitcoins on the Facebook platform.

    This article will also teach you how to gain access to bitcoin tips on Facebook.

    Let’s move on to how you can send and receive these bitcoins. Now you have your wallet, it is easy for you to start sending and receiving bitcoins all over.
    Sending Bitcoin to Others 
    1. Go to your bitcoin wallet.
    2. On your wallet menu, you will find Send, click on it.
    3. Provide the bitcoin address of the recipient.
    4. You will also be prompted to select and able to help track your ongoing transaction.
    5. Add the value of the bitcoin to send in the BTC box.
    6. Go through your processes to make sure they are correct.
    7. Click on Send to confirm your payment.

    Note: Once you have made a transaction, it is irreversible.
    Receiving Bitcoin from Others 
    1. Open your mobile wallet app to receive bitcoins.
    2. On your wallet, click on Receive.
    3. Generate an address for your wallet.
    4. Send this address to the person you want to receive from.
    5. Set up a payment request adding the details of the payment you are able to receive.
    6. You can track your transactions.
    7. Wait for the confirmation of your incoming transaction.

    How to Accept These Bitcoins | Facebook What Is Bitcoins 
    1. You need to access payment providers like Bitpay, Bitcoinpay or Conify.
    2. Create an account with the provider you have selected.
    3. Generate a code so others can pay you in bitcoin.
    4. The provider will give you a code to add to your website, so, you can get payments online.
    5. You can now convert this bitcoin to your bank account.

    Facebook What Is Bitcoins? 
    If you want to engage more on bitcoin transactions and all, you can do so on Facebook! How? There are certain groups that can help you get and share information more about bitcoin. Let’s see how to can access these groups.
    1. Log in to your Facebook account.
    2. Using the search bar, search for Facebook Bitcoin groups.
    3. This search will take you to available groups that have to do with bitcoin.
    4. You can open any group of your choice and begin your interaction.

    I hope this content was able to guide you through on what Facebook Bitcoin is all about

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