Facebook Bitcoin – Facebook Bitcoin Groups | Facebook Bitcoin Pages – What Is Bitcoin and How Does It Work?

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Facebook Bitcoin – Facebook Bitcoin Groups | Facebook Bitcoin Pages – What Is Bitcoin and How Does It Work? Facebook Bitcoin simply refers to the connection of the Facebook platform and the bitcoin business. 
This means that it is possible for you to engage in the bitcoin business, right on the Facebook platform.

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There are different ways through which you can carry out this bitcoin business. 

Facebook Bitcoin – Facebook Bitcoin Groups | Facebook Bitcoin Pages - What Is Bitcoin and How Does It Work?
And Facebook has finally come out to be one of these ways.

However, before we get started on how you can engage in bitcoin using Facebook, let us look at what this bitcoin is all about.

What Is Bitcoin and How Does It Work? 
Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency (digital currency). This means it is digital money. It is referred to as online cash, which can be used for so many purposes.

Just like the real and physical money, this digital currency, bitcoin, can also be used to buy products and services.

There are stores that also accept bitcoin as a means of payment when you purchase from them. However, not all stores accept bitcoin yet.

Bitcoin is a file which is stored in your bitcoin wallet, which is also digital too. This wallet comes in the form of an app or the web version. You are able to send bitcoin to the bitcoin wallets of others. And you can also receive bitcoins using your wallet.

So, you can see that it is not so different from real money. Every transaction that you make is stored in a blockchain. This a brief preview about bitcoin and how it works.

Let us quickly move on to the next part of this article. How 

Does Facebook Bitcoin Work? 
Now, have you wondered about how you can actually get these bitcoins?

Here are the ways you can get bitcoin.

You can buy bitcoins, you can receive bitcoins, you can sell goods and receive bitcoin for your payment, and you can even create some for yourself!

This is where Facebook Bitcoin comes in. Buying and selling of bitcoins!

You can buy bitcoins from others, and they can also buy from you.

Now, you should know that Facebook does not sell the bitcoins all by itself.

Facebook does not own bitcoin. It only serves as a marketplace where people can buy and sell products and services from each other, including bitcoins.
Sign Up for A Facebook Account 
Signing up for a Facebook account is the same as having a Facebook account. For you to have access to Facebook, you will need an account.

And if you want to engage in the bitcoin business via the Facebook marketplace, you have to sign up for a Facebook account.
1. Sign up for your account on www.facebook.com.
2. Enter your full name.
3. Enter your phone number or email address.
4. Add a password for the account.
5. Enter your date of birth.
6. Select a gender.
7. Click on SIGN UP.

How to Access Facebook Bitcoin 
Facebook Bitcoin actually means getting access to the bitcoin business on Facebook. This means that if you want to buy or sell bitcoin, then Facebook is an easy platform to do that.

You can do this by getting into Facebook groups and Facebook pages.

Groups and pages on Facebook serve as marketplaces where Facebook users trade different products and services.

And you can also get bitcoin here too! Are you interested?

Then, let’s get started.
Facebook Groups 
Facebook groups serve as marketplaces on Facebook. You can also get in contact with groups that feature the buying and selling on Facebook.
1. Get on your Facebook account.
2. With search bar on your account, search for Facebook Bitcoin.
3. Above the search results, click on Groups. This will help to give our results for group alone.
4. When you find a group, click on any of your choices.
5. Click on Join Group. It may take a while for the group to accept you.

Once you have been accepted, go to the group and you will get posts, updates, and information about bitcoins. You can also post your sales for bitcoin, if you are a seller.
Facebook Pages 
Facebook pages can be gotten in the same process too. You just have to search for Facebook Bitcoin, click on Pages, at the top of the search results.

You will be given a list of pages. Open any of the pages and scroll through for posts, updates and information. Using the status box, you can also post your bitcoin sales to others.

Others will then contact you if they are interested.

That is it on Facebook Bitcoin – Facebook Bitcoin Groups | Facebook Bitcoin Pages – What Is Bitcoin and How Does It Work?.

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