1. The article is very interesting. Although not easy to understand. I think because I already have a Facebook page, and I already use marketplace on my lap top. I go directly to the Marketplace tab on my left in Facebook & choose browse, buy, sell, etc.
    I have a question that is not addressed in this article. And I would love to know how to find the answers to them. Since I have sold things, and have current listings, I have found that many many times, like now, I am unable to list common household items, because after I title it, price it, describe it, the app or Facebook, is not allowing me to upload the pictures of the items. Therefore I am forced to set the listing of my items in “draft mode”, because it is incomplete without a picture. I try 10 times a day to go back into my drafts to upload my pictures, and it is not working, it will not upload. So, since this has happened three times in 3 weeks, my questions are: How many listing can we have/post? is there a limit? Have you decided that we can not list on laptops, but phones only? I have Facebook messenger on my phone, but I do not want Facebook on my phone. And many times I found by luck, a help page that offered a live chat. The reply is always, ” we do not have anyone to help at this time.” we will get back to you. I understand a free site won’t have extras working for free, but they didn’t answer my question. How or when can I upload pictures to the items I want to sell, and why is the uploading portion not working (2 days in a row now) on my lap top or home computer. ? Both update regularly, and I use facebook regularly without a problem. If you are limiting us to “so many active listings” please let me know what that number is. Thank you for your time.


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