How To Change/Reset AOL Email Password

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AOL Email password – AOL is often known as AIM Mail. An acronym that stands for AOL Instant Messenger.

AOL is one of the most popular free email servicing websites that is free of charge. See: how to delete AOL account now

When you signup an AOL account, you’re always asked to choose a password that will allow you to be accessing the account whenever you wish to.

How To Change/Reset AOL Email Password

Unarguably, it is important to use a very strong password when creating your AOL email account. See: How to delete facebook group right now

Nowadays, the important os using a strong and an unpredicted password on AOL can never be over-emphasized.

It is important to note here that aside from your AOL email account that your password provides you access to every AOL service you use.

It’s always a good idea to update your password regularly and to make sure it’s unique from other passwords you use.

This post is all about how to change or reset AOL password on your devices.

So if you’re among the several global users of AOL and looking for a guide on how to reset or change your AOL password, this article got you covered.

In fact, this article will expose you to the techniques I used to reset my forgotten AOL account password without stress.

Let’s get started with the simple guide on how to change AOL mail password.

How To Change AOL Mail Password

To change your AOL account password, follow this guide:

  1. Visit on your PC
  2. Go to the top right corner of the AOL homepage and click on the login/join option
  3. Enter your login details and click on the continue button to proceed to your account
  4. Next, go to the top right corner pf your AOL account and click on your profile name
  5. Click Account Security at the left column of the page
  6. Click Change Password at the far right of the how you sign in option under the account security option
  7. Enter your new account password
  8. Confirm the password by entering it again in the space provided
  9. Finally, click on the Continue button and you’re done

That is how to change your AOL email password fast and easy.

How Can I Change My AOL Email Password On IOS?

If you’re using your smartphone to access AOL email platform, you can follow the below guide to figure out how to change your account password on AOL platform using iOS.

  1. first of all, you’ll need to switch on your iOS device and then tap on the AOL app
  2. Now, tap on the Settings option at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  3. Next, you’ll need to locate and tap on the Privacy dashboard button in the Support section.
  4. After performing step 3 above, the next action you’re expected to take is to tap on the Your Account tab option. It is important to note here that perhaps you aren’t already logged into your AOL Email that the tab is labeled See your account data. In such a case, you must sign in with your AOL details before you can proceed.
  5. Scroll down and tap Your Account. Enter your AOL credentials when prompted to do so.
  6. Tap Edit Account Info in the Your Account section.
  7. Find and tap on the three lines icon at the top left of the Personal Info screen.
  8. Tap Account Security from the popup menu.
  9. Next, you’ll need to tap on the Change password option.
  10. Tap in the password field and enter a new password in both fields that request it.
  11. Lastly, tap Continue once you’ve entered the new password.
  12. To complete the whole process, you’ll need to confirm the action. To do that, a confirmation screen with fields for a recovery email and recovery phone number will show up. Now, you’ll need to enter them (or not) and tap Looks good or Done to finish

That is how to change your AOL Email password on iOS step by step.

How To Reset AOL Email Password Now

To reset your AOL account password via, follow the below guide:

  1. Go to the AOL Sign-in Helper.
  2. Enter one of the account recovery items listed.
  3. Click Continue.
  4. Follow the instructions given in the Sign-in Helper.

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AOL Email Account Password Tips

As we all know, using a very long password will give an aid over hackers. In other words, if you use a very long password, hackers won’t be able to access and crack your account.

To help you secure your account on AOL platform here are the password tips you’ll need to know:

  • It is advisable you change your AOL password on a regular basis — every three or six months.
  • To keep your account safe while signing up or changing your account password, AOL requires at least eight letters in a password and recommends the use of special characters such as !@#% but doesn’t require them
  • Use a brief complete sentence you can remember, leaving out the spaces between words.
  • Use the first letter of each word of a longer sentence.
  • Use two or more numbers or special characters. You can add them at the beginning or end of your sentence or phrase or in the middle if you can remember their placement.
  • Ensure to keep it relatively simple. If you have to write down your password, you lose a lot of your security.

I hope this post, How To Change/Reset AOL Email Password was helpful.

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