How Can I Retrieve Forgotten AOL Email Account Password?

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How to recover AOL Email password – Every AOL email user can recover his/her forgotten password. See: How to add/delete your contacts on AOL email now

This is because the AOL Email platform has a feature that allows its users to get that done step by step.

How Can I Retrieve Forgotten AOL Email Account Password?

This AOL post is all about how to recover your AOL email account if you’ve forgotten your AOL login password.

So if you’ve forgotten your AOL email account password, there is no point to be panic as this article will expose you to the complete techniques for recovering AOL email password step by step. See: how to change aol email password fast

Without much ados, let’s quickly consider how to recover AOL email password and regain access to your account fast.

How To Retrieve AOL Email Forgotten Password

Interestingly, like many other bigger websites, AOL has immigrated away from password recovery.

AOL now provides a password reset option as a more secure approach to retrieving forgotten password on the free email servicing platform.

Fortunately to AOL users, the AOL platform has developed an easy and fast approach for recovering AOL password.

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The procedure is updated often times however, it generally entails similar steps.

Below is the step for recovering AOL email account password fast at the comfort of your device.

  1. Visit and you should be taken to the AOL homepage
  2. Go to the top right corner of the AOL homepage and click on the login/join option
  3. Enter your AOL username, cellphone number or password in the space provided
  4. Next, click on the continue button and you’ll be taken to where you’ll be asked to enter your password
  5. Now, you’ll need to click on the Forgot Password option at the bottom of the dialog box
  6. On the next page that appears, you’ll see the cellphone number that you’ve linked to your AOL email. AOL would ask if you should send a verification code to the phone number. If however, you can access the phone number anymore, you’ll need to click on the try another way to sign in option at the bottom of the dialog box and AOL will send a verification code to the email address that you’ve linked to your AOL email. Go to your email and copy the code.
  7. Enter the code in the space provided and click on the verify button
  8. Now, you’ll need to enter your new AOL email password in the required space
  9. Confirm the password by entering it again
  10. Lastly, click on the continue button and you’re done

You can now log onto your AOL account using your new password.

That is how to recover your AOL email password fast and easy.

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As you attempt to change your AOL email password, it is important to take the following into consideration:

  1. Do not use things like 123456 or mypassword as your password. They are very simple and can easily be guessed and have access to your account
  2. Do ensure you use longer and a not easy to guess password. This is because the longer the password you choose, the more secure your account on AOL will be.
  3. While choosing your password, it is recommended you do not utilize letters that are next to each other on the keyboard or that follow an obvious pattern, such as the four corners of the phone keypad.
  4. Don’t use the same password that you use on another site. Make each password for each site unique.
  5. Don’t build a password on personal details such as birthdates, addresses, and phone numbers.
  6. Always change your password. Doing that often will help secure your account

Those are some of the tips you can employ to build a better and well secure account online.

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I hope How Can I Retrieve Forgotten AOL Email Account Password? was helpful.

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