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Facebook Login – Do you have a business online and want to figure out how to boost it for free?

Signing up a Facebook business account will be of great help.

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Interestingly, it is absolutely free to register a new Facebook account. Facebook new account’s are created the same way as the first way, we are providing you with a clear manual in order to create a new Facebook account beneath.

Business Facebook page

As earlier stated, if you have a business online, you might also want to create a new business page.

FB - Login Facebook | Welcome to Facebook - Login, Sign Up | Create Facebook New Account

In order to create a business page, you don’t have a create a new Facebook account.

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The Facebook new account should only be created if you really don’t want to use your other account anymore.

The Facebook policy says that you may only have one Facebook account (since you only got 1 name), but of course, Facebook isn’t able to see if you own multiple accounts.

We recommend you not to use the same e-mail address or telephone number in your new Facebook account since Facebook won’t accept that.

How to create a new Facebook account

We’ve provided you with a clear manual which learns you how to create a Facebook new account.

Please follow this manual in order to create your new account right away!

1) First, visit the Facebook website on http://www.facebook.com

2) You’ll see big letters saying ‘Sign up for Facebook’, with a few fields beneath it.

We’ve got a few fields that need to be filled in. We got fields asking for your name, e-mail address or mobile phone number (really important), a few that asks for your e-mail address or mobile phone again in order to confirm and a field that asks you for your password.

You also need to tell Facebook when you were born and if you are a male or female. Facebook tells you that you accept their policy when you register, please read the policy if you think it’s necessary.

3) Enter all fields and click ‘register’. You will be forwarded to a new page. Facebook will send you a confirmation e-mail with a link that needs to be clicked in order to activate your account.

4) After you’ve activated your account, you will be able to sign in to your Facebook right away.

FB login in just on the same page you visited before. Congratulations, you’ve successfully signed up for Facebook and you are now able to add some friends!

Visit Facebook Mobile through browser
If you don’t want to download the Facebook Mobile application, you can also access Facebook Mobile through your browser.

You’ll need to have an internet connection in order to visit the Facebook website.

Enter www.facebook.com in the URL section of your browser, Facebook will automatically see that you are using a mobile phone with a smaller screen and they’ll forward you to a mobile browser version of Facebook right away.

After you’ve been directed to the Mobile optimized Facebook page, you’ll be using Facebook just like you used to.

Visit Facebook Mobile through application
If you visit Facebook a lot on your mobile phone, you won’t like to mobile browser version of Facebook after a while. The Facebook Mobile application is really optimized for smartphones, which makes it a lot easier to use.

It depends on the OS of your Mobile phone where you can find this application.

Android users can download Facebook Mobile in the Google Play store, iOS users can download the Facebook Mobile application in the

Apple App Store.

It’s absolutely free to download the Facebook Mobile application on your smartphone, you won’t ever need to pay for this.

Facebook updates their Mobile Applications quite often, it’s important to keep using the most recent versions.

If your smartphone asks you to update the Facebook Mobile application, we recommend you to do this.

How to login to Facebook Mobile
After you’ve downloaded the Facebook Mobile application, it’s time to login, or as the Spanish say: Facebook Iniciar Sesión!.

After the application has successfully been installed, it will show on the home screen of your smartphone.

Open the application, a new window asking for your username and password will pop-up.

Enter the username of your Facebook account (you may also use the e-mail address you registered your Facebook account with) and enter your password. Then press ‘login’ in order to login to your Facebook account.

After you’ve successfully logged in, you can use Facebook just the same as on your PC.

Did you forget your password? You can recover your password in the application.

That is it on FB – Login Facebook | Welcome to Facebook – Login, Sign Up | Create Facebook New Account.

I hope this article was helpful.

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