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Buy And Sell Facebook Pages | Market Place Buy And Sell Group – Buy or Sell On FB Pages | MarketPlace Buying Selling Group: Welcome to Guruslink. In today’s post, you will see how to effectively market your ecommerce business on Facebook step by step.

Buy And Sell Facebook Pages – Facebook connects over 2 billion users all over the world and is considered one of the largest social networking platforms.

Billions of users use Facebook as a platform for connecting with friends and family members, however, some other users have decided to maximize the advantages of this platform for business purposes.

Facebook is now one of the most powerful online marketing platforms, and millions of business owners are already benefiting from the platform.

Buy And Sell Facebook Pages are good options for business owners to create awareness for their products and create a wider customer base.

How To Create Buy And Sell Facebook Pages
Facebook business page is the right platform to sell your products, all you need to do is step up your Facebook page, set up Facebook store and start advertising your products in different platforms to promote your business and generate more sales.
You can create a business page by following these steps:

  1. Log into your personal Facebook account, on the menu bar click on CREATE A PAGE
  2. From the drop-down menu on the create option, click on PAGE
  3. Then choose one option from the two page categories, you can either choose Business or Brand or you can choose Community or Public figure. If you wish to run a profit-making business, then you can choose Business or Brand.
  4. Then enter your business information, choose your business name and choose a business category that explains what your business offers.
  5. Then you have to upload your business page profile photo, you can upload your business logo or any image that represents your business and makes it easy for people to identify. Place clear pictures, the right quality and size, so that your picture doesn’t get cropped.
  6. You can also upload a cover photo for your business which would appear as the background image of your Facebook business page. You have to place a cover photo that is appealing that also represents your business.
  7. You will then be prompted by Facebook to invite your friends to like the page; friends from your personal account can provide the initial base of likes for your new business page.
  8. Then include other additional business details, enter your website, hours and contact information, you can also put up important info on the ABOUT section to give readers useful info about your business.
  9. Then click the blue plus icon ADD A BUTTON below your business page cover photo, you can choose one of the add a button options to act as your Facebook page call-to-action, which can help you generate more leads and also increase sales.
    You can either choose: Book with You, Contact You, Learn More, Shop With you or Make a donation, or Download your app or Play your game.
  10. Once you are done setting up your Facebook page, you can start marketing your Facebook page by being active on Facebook, posting in different groups, and posting on your timeline from time to time. You can use Facebook sponsored ads to reach your target audience and expand your business.

How To Create Facebook Group On Business Page or Buy And Sell Facebook Pages
The same way people create book club groups, support groups and others, you can decide to create a buy and sell group for your business on Facebook.

As the admin of the group you can monitor activities in the group, set rules, add members you wish to, and kick out others that might be a menace to the group.

You can choose to create a group specifically for your businesses, where you can post items for sale from time to time, invite interested buyers to join platform and generally promote your business.

This Facebook group is considered a buy and sell group, so you have to never deviate from the purpose of the group and start using it for another purpose. To create a Facebook group, follow these steps:

  1. On your menu bar on your Facebook screen, scroll to the group section and click GROUPS
  2. Click CREATE GROUP link
  3. This will open a new page where you can begin to add your group details
  4. Enter a group name that befits the purpose of creating the group on the NAME YOUR GROUP option.
  5. Then add members of your group on the ADD SOME PEOPLE option on the page, you will need to add at least one friend to your group in order to create your group, this is required by Facebook.
  6. You have to choose your privacy settings, you will have to decide how much privacy you want for your group, and you can only change it when you have less than 5000 members, but once you have more than that it becomes impossible to change it.
    You can only change an open group to closed or secret group and a closed one to a secret one, changing privacy settings is out of the option. There are different privacy options for closed group, open group and secret group, you can look through Facebook graphic of the different types of group, and decide which you want your group to be.
  7. Then click CREATE, after choosing Facebook group privacy settings by tapping the create button.
  8. You can add a cover image for your Facebook group, you have to choose an image that represents your group’s name or purpose, they must be in line. The dimension of cover photo for your group differs from that of your personal account or business page, 1640 x 856 pixels is the right one for your group cover photo.
  9. Complete the about section, add important details of your groups for prospective members, since it is your business group, you have to add such details for people to know that it is a business group.
  10. The next step is to edit group settings; you have different option you can change like group name, description, group type, linked pages, privacy settings, membership approval.
    You can decide to set up group address, add an email where people can send messages to your group directly, you can change group description, change posting permissions and decide if only admins should be posting in the group, you can also edit post-approval and decide of posts must be approved by admin.
  11. Once you are done editing some important details for your new group, click SAVE. And you are done, you officially have your own Facebook group for promoting your business, and you can post your business contents from time to time.

How To Link Your Facebook Business Page To A Buy And Sell Facebook Pages Group
Once you have created your Facebook group and Buy And Sell Facebook Pages, you can link them to each other to create a connection between the two platforms.

Your Facebook group members can easily find your business page on the group, and you can post your business page’s content on your group with ease.

Your Facebook business page fans or visitors can easily find your groups from your pages, and join them if they want. To link your page to your group follow these steps:

  1. You have to first add a group tab on your page menu form the left side of your page, if you already have the group tab, you can proceed to other steps.
  2. To add a group tab, click SETTINGS in the top right corner from your page
  3. Click EDIT PAGE on the menu on the left side, then click ADD A TAB
  4. A pop-up screen will appear, click ADD TAB for GROUPS
  5. Once you have added the group tab, you can link your group and pages by clicking the group tab on your page’s menu at the left side.
  6. You can decide to create a new group from there, or you can just link page to your already created group by clicking on the LINK YOUR GROUP link.
  7. From the pop-up of window, you can then choose the group you want to link to your page and click LINK
  8. Now fans from your page, visitors can easily view your groups on your page and you can also view your groups too by clicking the group tab on your page. Your group members can also view your pages from the bottom left of your group cover photo. They visit your page easily by clicking on its name on your group.

You can now use these platforms to promote your business and create awareness for your products.

By linking the two platforms, members, visitors and fans can have access to both your business page and your group as well. With this your Buy And Sell Facebook Pages will boom faster than you ever thought.

If you don’t have Buy And Sell Facebook Group for your business I guess creating one and managing it will no longer be a problem.

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