What To do When Someone Pokes You On Facebook

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What To do When Someone Pokes You On Facebook: Are you wondering what you are supposed to do when someone pokes you on Facebook? If your answer is yes or something related to that, here is a facebook poke that teaches everything you need to know about facebook poke.

Facebook Poke Meaning: Interestingly, poke is a feature on Facebook which helps you to get attention from the other person.

It allows anyone in your network to get notified about you.

Have you ever tried to gain the attention of someone who is busy doing something?

You probably make weird sounds or start acting foolishly just to distract the person from his work and focus on you.

Basically, a poke does the same thing. Although its use has never been explained by Facebook itself very clearly, its use is only limited to making the recipient receive a notification.

It means someone is trying to get your attention, flood your notifications just for fun, or find an excuse to flirt.

In essence, facebook users have been using the poke for many reasons and some of them are:

  • Reminding someone you exist (you know, just coz)
  • Starting a relationship with someone you have a crush on (it seems to work for some people)
  • Getting the attention of someone who is pretending they haven’t seen your Facebook message even though you know they have “seen” it
  • Annoying someone you don’t have the guts to “unfriend” so they do it for you (saves you from a lot of heartache and hours of answering whiny questions about why you removed them from your friends)
  • Starting a poke war because you have nothing better to do (These can go on for months and provide poke warriors with food for amusement for a long time)

However, for a lot of facebook users, the poke is just annoying especially when it comes to people they don’t know. If you’re asking this question so you can decide whether to use it or not, just remember: “With great power comes great responsibility.” (Voltaire said that, not Spiderman.)

Facebook pokes reset | FACEBOOK POKE

Poke symbols are simply small images of a hand with a finger pointing and the name of the person who sent the poke to you. If you have been poked, the image will show up on your home page.

Only you can see the poke once you receive it. Depending upon your notification settings, you may also receive a notification informing you of the poke.


In addition to the standard poke, Facebook also has a poke app that allows you to send a message, photo or video that only displays for a limited amount of time such as 1, 3, 5 or 10 seconds. The recipient must also have the poke app on their phone, and these pokes cannot be viewed or sent from a desktop.

To poke someone via the poke app:

  • Download the app onto your phone.
  • Log into your Facebook account in the app.
  • Confirm that you want to use the app under that name.
  • Select “Poke a friend with a message, video or chat.”
  • Type in the name of your friend or select a name from your list of contacts.
  • Type in your message, and select a photo or video. If you want to add text to a photo or video, tap the screen and hold, and then type in your message or draw on the photo.
  • Select how long you want the message to display.
  • Hit “Send.”

To view a poke you have received, just tap and hold the message, photo or video until the time runs out. Removing your finger from the screen will cause the message, photo or video to disappear. Once it’s gone, it cannot be viewed.

What To do When Someone Pokes You On Facebook

When someone poked you on facebook, there are basically three things you can do.

  1. You can poke back the person
  2. You can delete the poke
  3. Or you can choose to ignore a facebook poke

Though are the things you can do when you received a poke from someone on facebook. It is as simple as that.

How To Send Poke On Facebook

To poke someone on facebook, all you need to do is to open your browser and enter this URL: https://www.facebook.com/pokes

If you have not logged into your account already, you will need to login as you will be prompted to do so.

That is it on What To do When Someone Pokes You On Facebook.

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