How Can I Read Archived Messages on Facebook Messenger Android

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How to Read Archived Messages on Facebook Messenger Android: If you would like to read archived messages which you have sent to someone in the past on Android and if you could not figure out how to do that, this article is going to help you about the situation.

There are a few easy steps to find your archived messages on Android devices and you won’t need to spend too much time for it.

See Archived Messages on Facebook Messenger Android

a-) Run Facebook Messenger on your Android device first.

b-) Tap on home icon which is located bottom menu of the application.

c-) Press and hold on a conversation until you see the new menu which will be a pop-up.

d-) Tap on archive in the new menu which will appear on your device’s screen.

e-) Tap on a new conversation icon. (Blue chat icon)

f-) Write individual’s name who you would like to read archived messages.

g-) Tap on the name of the individual which will appear on the app.

How To Find Archived Messages On Facebook Messenger – Using iPhone.

  1. Open the Facebook Messenger App. Facebook Messenger is a blue speech bubble icon with a white lightning bolt in it.
  2. Tap House. It’s the icon that appears like a home, and it seems in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  3. Swipe left on a discussion to expose your alternatives.
  4. Tap More. It’s the gray button with three horizontal lines stacked on top of each other.
  5. Tap Archive. The discussion will be relocated to the “Archived” folder.
  6. Tap the blue “+” icon. It lies in the leading right corner of the Messenger screen. Doing so will begin a brand-new discussion.
  7. Enter the recipient of your archived discussion.
  8. Tap on the recipient’s name. You will now see the archived messages from the discussion appear in the chat window.

Now you can see your archived messages with him/her. You can read your all archived messages with others with the same way.

This is how you can read your archived messages again on any Android devices. Kindly share How Can I Read Archived Messages on Facebook Messenger Android.

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