How To Merge Your Dubsmash Videos

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How To Merge Your Dubsmash Videos: Dubsmash is a video sharing social media service application for iOS and Android created by Jonas Drüppel, Roland Grenke, and Daniel Taschik. Using the application, users can choose an audio recording or soundbite from movies, shows, music, and internet trends and record a video of themselves dubbing over that piece of audio.

The app allows users to lip sync over audio clips including sections of songs, movies, and famous quotes. Users can upload their own audio, and can add colour filters and text animation to their recordings. Users have to save their clips to their devices and can then send them via other messaging applications.

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What is new in Dubsmerge – Merge your Dubsmash videos? Is your camera roll just full of Dubsmash videos? Would you like to turn them into something even more fun? Mix your Dubsmash videos in compilations to be shared with your friends!
Download now Dubsmerge and make how many playlists of Dubs as you like!

How To Merge Your Dubsmash Videos

To create a compilation using Dubsmerge it’s easy: just select from your camera roll the Dubs that you want to merge and in a few seconds you can share your mix!

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