Artificial Intelligence, AI – Impact Of Artificial Intelligence | The Key to Ruling the World – How AI Will Affect the World

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Artificial Intelligence, AI – Impact Of Artificial Intelligence | The Key to Ruling the World – How AI Will Affect the World: We presently live in the digital (electronic) age. Before this time, the analog age was what we had in the leadership role of technology.

Artificial Intelligence which some commonly refer to as AI is the introduction of the 5th Generation Computers. We’ve had the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Generation Computers which were contributions to the present world of tech we live in today. Wikipedia gives you a detailed history of AI.

Impact Of Artificial Intelligence – The 5th Generation Computers are computers which reason, acts, and performs tasks like man intelligently. In the history of mankind, we have progressively moved. From the invention of electricity to the introduction of the internet the world has continued to advance.

Why AI May Be the Key to Ruling the World
I started developing an interest in Artificial Intelligence after listening to the richest man in China (Jack Ma) who is the founder and head of Alibaba Group. He interestingly explained advancements from the past decades and notwithstanding, he threw great light on where the world was going. Presently, in his country, China is the number of users and applicants of AI in their daily life.

That will throw light on where China is now in the application of AI. When you travel to countries like China and Japan, you will discover how they are so keen on applying AI into their everyday life. In countries like these you will find the following;

  • The use of Robots for service and commercial tasks (i.e. robots are used as shop and hotel attendants and staffs).
  • The use of Face Recognition for making payment.
  • Using Voice and Face Recognition for security access.
  • Using smart robots to accomplish manual tasks.

How AI Will Affect the World
Now, it is important I help you understand what Artificial intelligence comes with lots of advantages without living out the disadvantages. As the world gets to this point, it is advisable every business does so. Google and Apple are already taking a great advantage of this by the introduction of Apple Smartwatches and Google Home.

If other tech and communication companies don’t learn to follow suit, they will fade out. Have seen this happen in the past when the internet was introduced. Companies shouldn’t get complacent on this so they don’t become victims.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • It will add ease to the activities of the world by abolishing most manual tasks done today.
  • As a businessman who uses robots as service attendants, it will reduce the coats of you paying human staffs.
  • Productivity will be highly increased especially in the minds of the young (they would be required to think far outside the box to innovate things).
  • It’s contribution to education will be very high because things taught would be of high standards.
  • Bringing to an end irrelevant jobs or professions.
  • Performing tasks without getting your hands on it.
  • Encouraging sustainable development to an extent.

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • High Increase in the demand for resources.
  • Making certain professions no longer relevant and thereby making peoples qualifications, not of any use.
  • It is going to reduce job opportunities since humans won’t be needed to perform some task any longer.

That is it on Artificial Intelligence, AI – Impact Of Artificial Intelligence | The Key to Ruling the World – How AI Will Affect the World. I hope this article was helpful. Kindly share it with your friends and loved ones!!!

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