How to Delete Kik Permanently – Deactivate Kik Account Temporarily

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How to Delete Kik – Deactivate Kik Account: Have signed up for a Kik account and don’t seem to have achieved the purpose of creating the account? Do you want to delete your Kik account but know how to go about the internet and getting that done? If you answered yes to the questions, here is a post that teaches all the steps you need to follow to figure out how to delete or deactivate your Kik account.

If you have a kik account and you are tired of using the platform and wish to take a break, you can either deactivate kik temporarily or delete it permanently.

Yes, this article will cover a guide on how to delete kik account permanently or deactivate kik account temporarily.

Well, before we shall proceed to the steps you need to follow to either temporarily deactivate your kik account or permanently delete your account on kik, let’s quickly take a brief look at what kik is all about.

What is Kik?

Kik Messenger, commonly called Kik, is a freeware instant messaging mobile app from the Canadian company Kik Interactive, available free of charge on iOS and Android operating systems. It uses a smartphone’s data plan or Wi-Fi to transmit and receive messages, photos, videos, sketches, mobile webpages, and other content after users register a username.

Kik is known for its features preserving users’ anonymity, such as allowing users to register without providing a telephone number; however, the Kik application logs user IP addresses, which the company can use to determine location. As of May 2016, Kik Messenger had approximately 300 million registered users, and was used by approximately 40% of the United States’ teenagers.

As of October 2019, Kik Messenger is owned by MediaLab after Kik Interactive Inc’s discontinuation announcement.

Kik Messenger announced in October 2019 they had signed a letter of intent with Medialab, followed by the announcement Kik Messenger would be reducing their staff from 100 to just 19.

This article is all about how to deactivate or delete kik account. If you however, wish to read more on kik messenger, you can visit Wikipedia.

Having outlined that, let’s now push with the business of the day.

How To Deactivate Kik Account

First off, deactivating your kik account doesn’t take it off the kik messenger platform completely. What deactivating an account does is to temporarily remove your profile from the platform. Performing this action on the kik platform offer you the opportunity to reactivate your account whenever you wish to.

Deactivating your account is particularly important if you just want to take some time from the kik platform. So if you wish to deactivate your kik account temporarily, just follow the below steps:

  1. You will need to visit the kik account deactivate page via this link:
  2. Next, enter the email address that is linked with your kik account
  3. Once you enter the email in the box provided correctly, just hit on the Go button. That will prompt the kik team to send a deactivate link to your email
  4. Now, go to your email and click on the click on the deactivate link in your email and follow the onscreen instructions to deactivate your account
How to Delete Kik Permanently - Deactivate Kik Account Temporarily

Those are the steps you need to follow to deactivate your kik account fast and easily.

Bear in mind that to reactivate your kik your account after deactivation, all you need to do is to visit and login your account.

How To Permanently Delete Your Kik Account

Unlike kik account deactivation, deleting your kik account permanently doesn’t offer you the opportunity to reactivate your account once carried out.

So if you are deleting your kik account, make sure you are ready and have made up your mind.

Are you ready? Here are the steps you need to follow to permanently delete your kik account fast and easily.

How to Delete Kik Permanently - Deactivate Kik Account Temporarily
  • Now, you will need to type in your username and email address
  • Next, is to select the reason for leaving Kik from the drop-down menu
  • Type additional information for leaving Kik, but that’s optional for the user to fill
  • Check the box
  • Click on the “GO” button
  • Once you have done that accordingly, you will receive the link to permanently deactivate Kik on your email
  • Click on the link to finish the deletion process

Those are the steps you need to follow to easily delete your kik messenger account permanently. I hope the steps were simple enough to undertake.

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