Facebook Marketplace Online – How To Buy On Facebook Marketplace | How To Sell On Facebook Marketplace

    Facebook Marketplace Online – How To Buy On Facebook Marketplace | How To Sell On Facebook Marketplace: Do you have a facebook account and looking for a guide on how to buy and sell on facebook marketplace online? If yes, here is a facebook post that teaches all the steps you need to follow to easily figure out how to use facebook to buy and sell.

    What Is Facebook Marketplace?
    Facebook marketplace is an innovative feature on Facebook which allows users of Facebook to buy and sell any kind of product and service to the persons close to there neighborhood.
    Just like we have Amazon, Alibaba, and other online e-commerce sites, Facebook introduced the marketplace feature so that its users can have almost every feature they could possibly be in need of all on Facebook.

    Since we have other notable online websites already like Amazon, Alibaba, Aliexpress where users can buy anything on earth, one may then feel inclined to ask the question, why should I leave all these other well-known marketplaces for the Facebook marketplace?

    Well, such a question is one in the direction. The Facebook marketplace has unique features that clearly separates it from other marketplaces out there.
    One of these features is the fact that you only sell or buy from the persons in the location that you are into. In order words, you cannot be in New York and sell to a person from Califonia, nor can you be in America to sell for people in Canada.
    Also, with the Facebook marketplace, you have the opportunity of buying things very cheap from your neighbors that just want to sell it off.
    There is one other feature on the Facebook marketplace that you don’t see in any other marketplace out there.
    Some items are completely free on the Marketplace, which means that the sellers just want to give them out to interested persons. Can you imagine that?
    Well, we shall get into the details of all these presently. but before then, you may want to learn how Facebook marketplace works right?

    How The Facebook Marketplace Work
    The Facebook marketplace was designed in such a way that you can only do business with the persons in your location.
    Yes, the only goods or services that you can see are from those who are in the same location as you. This means that the location you specified in your registration process is very much important.
    With this marketplace feature, you are not expected to do much for you to sell your goods or services, as Facebook automatically does this for you.
    Also, you don’t need to worry about customers because at the moment, there are over 2billion active Facebook users worldwide and thousands of persons using it in your chosen location. So with this, you are sure of getting customers regularly.
    All you are required to do is to sample your products, which we will show you soon in this article, and await willing buyers to visit your marketplace shop.
    Any interested buyer that sees your product will message you, and from there, the transaction will be completed. Too generic right? Let us get into the details of all these.
    But before all these, its pertinent to first show you how to locate the Facebook marketplace store on your device.

    How To Locate Facebook Marketplace On Facebook
    I must confess that a lot of Facebook users find it difficult trying to locate the marketplace icon, due to lack of knowledge.

    However, if you follow our guide below, you will see how easy it is to locate the marketplace icon.
    First log into your Facebook account with any internet-enabled device you are used to like Laptop, iPhone, Android, etc.
    On the Facebook homepage, locate the shop icon that appears on your Facebook home screen. It looks like this
    Click on the shop icon to assess the marketplace feature. Alternatively, you can use this link to assess the marketplace feature.
    You must know that Facebook marketplace feature is not yet available in all the countries of the world at the time of writing this article.
    So if you followed the above process and you still didn’t see the marketplace icon, it could mean that you are not in a supported country.
    Haven known this, let us look at how to buy and sell on Facebook.

    Facebook Marketplace Buy And Sell

    How To Buy On Facebook Marketplace
    To Buy on Facebook marketplace, simply follow the guides below.
    Log into your Facebook account or visit this link to log into your Facebook account
    On your homepage, locate the marketplace icon and click on it. The icon looks like this
    On the marketplace homepage, you will see 2 options which are Buy or Sell, click on the Buy
    The marketplace Buy interface will appear, locate the item you want to buy and click on it.
    Click on the Message icon to send the seller a message, for further bargaining and negotiations.
    And finally, you can reach an agreement with the seller on the meetup point for the final transaction to take place. That’s how to buy from Facebook marketplace.

    How To Sell On Facebook Marketplace
    Like we said earlier, you can sell almost anything on Facebook marketplace, with few exceptions to those things that can cause harm to others like drugs, firearms and other illegal products. to sell on Facebook marketplace, simply follow this guide below.
    Locate and click on the Facebook marketplace icon on your screen to open it.
    On the first homepage of the marketplace, locate the Sell something button and click on it.
    Select the item that you want to sell and put the full details of it in the spaces provided for it and hit the next button.
    From the next page that pops up, upload and add the pictures of what you want to sell. Make sure that the pictures are bright enough to catch the eyes of the buyers.
    After this, you click on the Post button to publish your product to the Facebook community. That’s how simple it could be to buy and sell on the Facebook marketplace.
    If you have issues or concerns that you would want to let us know about, kindly use the comment section below and we shall respond to that

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