How To Set Up Facebook Dating profile – Who can see your Facebook Dating Profile

    How To Set Up Facebook Dating profile – Who can see your Facebook Dating Profile: Do you know that the Facebook dating service is an optional service that can be activated or not? Well as you must have known, Facebook is not left back even in the dating world. Facebook dating app recently rolled out early this year but not yet worldwide.

    The service is an opt-in feature that can be activated and deactivated at any time you feel like. Using the Facebook dating app is free and simple. Cautious on how to activate the Dating app Facebook right? In this article, I will be showing you how to activate the feature in your account.

    How to Activate Dating App Facebook
    Most people get really confused when they see this and they are wondering how I do that. How activate dating app Facebook is the process of activating the new dating app by Facebook in your account.

    Facebook dating app as it is known, is not actually a standalone app on its own, rather it is within the Facebook application itself. The app is within the Facebook mobile app, which has to be activated in order to use the service. Facebook dating service requires users to create separate dating profiles from their Facebook profiles.

    The dating app is not yet worldwide just in some locations including, the USA, Canada, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, etc.

    If you wish to know how Facebook dating app works and how to activate it, read on to find out.

    How to Activate Facebook Dating
    Opting into a Facebook dating app is easy and fast. IF Facebook dating is available in your area, you can simply activate it by tapping on “Dating” on your account. Facebook Dating icon is presented by a “Heart” from the menu or top of the tab.

    Who can see your Facebook Dating Profile?
    Facebook dating works according to what you want it to or how you want it. Once you have a profile for dating, only those who have dating profiles can view your profile. It doesn’t pop on your News Feed. The friends you have on your account won’t be able to see your dating profile.

    Facebook dating app won’t suggest the friends you have as potential matches. You can decide to see friends of friends to be suggested to you as matches. One feature I love about this app, screenshots can’t be taken.

    How to use Facebook Dating – How to set a profile
    Facebook dating has been free and easy to use service is very simple t set up. This service is available to those with profiles on Facebook in the locations in which can be used because the app is embedded within the app. To set up a profile, follow below;

    • Open the Facebook app and log into your account.
    • Then tap on the Dating icon presented by a “Heart”.
    • Select your gender and gender of those you wish to be matched with.
    • Confirm your dating location.
    • Write down a short bio of yourself.
    • The app lets you display 12 tiles. Each one could be a photo or an answer to a dating question.
    • Then select a dating profile picture for the account.
    • Then specify the criteria of the match you want from the settings.

    You are ready to go. Find matches and start dating.

    That is it on How To Set Up Facebook Dating profile – Who can see your Facebook Dating Profile. I hope this article was helpful. Kindly share it with your friends and loved ones!!!

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