How Can I Edit My Youtube Videos On Mobile & PC

    How Can I Edit My Youtube Videos On Mobile & PC: There are ways you can edit your youtube videos for free since YouTube built-in editor is not available, you can as well edit videos that are not yours with this steps guides (must have informed the rightful owner) using some free videos software.

    Making your videos go viral must have passed through some kinds of stuff to make it more attractive and cool to watch.

    Since Youtube video editor online has been shut down by google i think since last year September or thereabout but, there are some cool Apps to fine-turn(edit) your video on the phone (Apple iOS, and Android) and Windows 10.

    – For window 10 users, you can, of course, use your in-built Photos app
    – For iPhone user, i will say you should go for “Videorama” to have a good video edit
    – Android users can make use of ” Videoshop Video Editor” to edit their videos.

    In this article, i will take you through how you can edit your youtube videos.

    1. How to edit your youtube videos with iPhone or iPad
    You must have shot the video and thinking of how to edit it before your launch to Youtube. “Videorama” software can help with that.

    – Having downloaded “Videorama” software
    – Open the software and select a size for your video(landscape, square, or portrait)
    – Permit to access your photos and video on your phone
    – Choose the intending video
    – You can, Of course, add pictures, create text, record a voice-over, tap into video, sound effects, choose music, implement filters, and build overlays.
    – Lastly, Tap on the “OK, Share” to post your video on YouTube.

    1. How To Edit Your Video On Windows 10
      “Movie Maker” Software will be best to edit video, that is if you’re still operating an older version of Windows10 with the Windows Essentials 2012 package.

    If you’re running the latest window( To Check, follow below)

    – Click on the Windows 10 Start button
    – Click on Settings
    – Click on System
    – Then, “About”

    Check the version number recorded for Windows 10. If the version is 1709 or higher then, it’s OK.

    To Edit Your Video
    Open Photo App
    Choose the Video
    Drag and drop the video clip
    Trim (To adjust/resize you clip. By right-clicking and select Trim)
    Select Video Sections
    Apply filters, motion styles, and text to the clips. Or overlay 3D images on top of your video.
    Lastly, apply Music and Theme to the clip Having done with the video editing, Click on the Export or share button to save or send directly to Youtube.

    1. How To Edit Your Video On Android phone.
      Kindly go for “Videoshop Video Editor” i think is the best for Android users and it is easy to use.

    With the guides above you can edit youtube videos for free on laptop, iPhone and Android.

    That is it on How Can I Edit My Youtube Videos On Mobile & PC. I hope this article was helpful. Kindly share!!!

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