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[Solved] Why Can’t I Open My Messages On Facebook

Why Can’t I Open My Messages On Facebook: Are you here because you can’t see your facebook messages? If yes, here is a facebook post that teaches all the steps you need to follow to figure out how to access your messages on facebook fast and immediately. Continue reading below and please don’t hesitate to share this article with your friends and loved ones!!!

You see a ‘brand-new personal message’ alert on Facebook. You click the link. It begins filling. You wait … You wait some more … You attempt once again … And it still will not open the damn message. Why can’t I see my messages on Facebook?

This in some way specifically occurs when you remain in a rush and have to check out that message today.

Below is the screenshot of exactly what you see when you attempt to access your Facebook messages. The filling bar is moving continuously. However, the messages never load and open. Even if you try to revitalize the page, and aim to access your Facebook inbox once again, you see this annoying filling animation– once again:

In the beginning, I believed this only occurred to me, and I discarded it as some issue with my lousy web connection. Since, after some hours approximately, it would begin working once again … However, then I started seeing numerous other individuals grumbling on the very same issue.

” My Facebook Messages Will not Load,” “I cannot access my messages on Facebook,” “Cannot access personal messages or chat on Facebook,” “Why can’t I see my messages on Facebook?” and so on …

Facebook tech assistance have even published a short guideline (My messages aren’t packing) at their Assistance Center. However, I have attempted it, and it didn’t resolve my issue at all. I have currently been doing those things before they even informed me too.

I began digging for some details on this issue, and I have discovered a fast and simple repair. It will just take you about 20 seconds to fix it.

And no, I will not inform you to only utilize among the other web browsers to gain access to Facebook. That works, however, it’s not a repair, it’s simply a workaround. No requirement for altering the web browser you currently utilize and like.

The service to the issue is, as it ends up, to just erase your surfing information (cache, cookies– if you have no idea exactly what this indicates, do not stress, continue reading).

Here are the needed actions you have to take, depending upon the web browser you presently utilize:

Google Chrome

  1. Click the wrench icon on the ideal side of your address bar to access the settings (leading right of the window).
  2. From the menu, pick “Options.”
  3. A brand-new tab will open. In the sidebar menu to the left, discover “Under the Hood” and click it.
  4. Now you need to have the ability to see “Clear surfing information” button. Click it, and a popup menu will appear (as in the image listed below).
  1. From the drop-down menu, pick “the previous week.” That need to maximize sufficient area in the cache.
  2. On the checkboxes, just “Empty the cache” and “Erase cookies and other website and plug-in information” boxes should be inspected. There’s no requirement for the rest of them.
  3. And lastly, click the “Clear surfing information” button.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Hold down CTRL + Shift + Erase buttons on your keyboard. The “Clear Current History” menu must now appear (as listed below).
  1. For the time variety to remove, you can select “Today.”
  2. Just like Google Chrome, just “Cookies” and “Cache” boxes have to be examined.
  3. Lastly, click the “Clear Now” button.

That’s it! Now when you attempt to gain access to Facebook, you will see that (if you have been visited) you’re now logged out, and have to enter your e-mail and password once again. After you log in to your account, whatever must operate in the astonishingly best method!

Oh, and if you were anticipating guidelines for Web Explorer too … Please … Do yourself a favor, and download and set up Google Chrome or Firefox, and your life will be a lot easier. The very best aid I can provide to Web Explorer users is to produce one great piece of guidance … Do not utilize it.

If you still have any issues with opening your Facebook messages, compose in the remarks listed below, and we’ll figure them out in no time.

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