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How do you Limit Access On Facebook

How do you Limit Access On Facebook: Are you tired of friends that keep you active for hrs on Facebook chat for factors far from vital? You need to publish some photos on your Facebook timeline but do not want some of your friends to see?

Well, for any reason you wish to limit a certain user access to your Profile, follow these steps to easily limit certain User access to your FB Profile.

The best ways to add a Facebook Pal to the “restricted” List

To add a particular individual to your restricted list, do the following:

  • Go to your Facebook web page.
  • Click the “Friends” switch below the big image.
  • Click add to an additional list.
How do you Limit Access On Facebook
  • Hit “show all lists”
  • Click to put a check mark next to the “restricted” checklist.

To easily Unblock such Facebook friend if you mistakenly added such user to the restricted list. Read our guide on How to unblock Facebook user.

That is it on How do you Limit Access On Facebook. I hope this article was helpful. Kindly share it with your friends and loved ones!!!

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