How To Find Facebook Settings Page – FB Settings Features

    How To Find Facebook Settings Page – FB Settings Features: Facebook is a very popular social platform which provides its users with different opportunities. These opportunities include entertaining, socializing, educative and many other things that contribute to building the mindset of a person.

    Many device users in the world today own a Facebook account and have one point at a time trying to access the Facebook account settings.

    Facebook account settings is a section that contains options available for Facebook users to use to manage their activities on the platform. These Facebook settings give users the opportunity to set up their account on the platform just the way they want it.

    The account settings contain different options which the user gets to use in their Facebook account management process.

    Features of Facebook Account Settings – Facebook Settings Page
    As it implies above Fb platform provides users with different options to select from their account settings. It’s left to what the user has in mind to set up and the option available for them to use to achieve this goal.

    Users can always check the Facebook support option for assistance in setting up their account. Some of the things a user can do on the Facebook settings page include.

    • Users can change their Facebook name in the Facebook account settings. There’s an option which allows users to do this anytime they wish.
    • An option to change Facebook Email address is on settings. In fact, users can change their email address to the ones they feel is valid.
    • Every Facebook account owner gets to personalize their privacy features. Facebook account setting has an option which users can use to decide which information they want public and the ones they want confidential.
    • Users that own a mobile device that can access the Facebook services can activate the Facebook mobile from the account settings. This way users will be able to access the platform services on the go.
    • Not everybody is okay with the default Facebook notification settings. The Facebook account settings provide users with options to set up the Facebook notification to what they prefer.

    The above things are some key things Facebook users can use when they want to access the Facebook account settings services. As a matter of fact, users are to keep in mind that in order for them to be able to make use of these services they have to own a Facebook account. Although, users can always carry out the Facebook sign up process to be able to access the services.

    How to Access Facebook Account Settings
    Users that own an active Facebook account can access their Facebook account settings anytime they want by using the steps on this article. This is possible as long as the user has a device that can access the internet. Once these things are available, users can do this with the following steps.

    • Open the web page on the device web browser.
    • Enter your valid Facebook Email address or phone number.
    • Input your Facebook account’s password.
    • Click the login button to complete the Facebook login process.
    • Once the Facebook login process is complete, click the dropdown arrow on the toolbar. Users using a mobile device are to tap the menu button.
    • Select settings from the dropdown menu.

    Once the user carries out the above steps they will successfully enter or have access to the Facebook account settings. Users will then be able to select option which they want to use to manage their account. Facebook users can access their account settings with the above steps.

    That is it on How To Find Facebook Settings Page – FB Settings Features. I hope this article was helpful. Kindly share!!!

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