How do you Sign Up for a Google Drive – Create Google Drive Account

    How do you Sign Up for a Google Drive – Create Google Drive Account: Google Drive is a file hosting service that helps users organize their files online. Losing files in our devices due to certain circumstancing is very heart breaking and this is why Google had to do something about it. The first step to using the Google Drive is to create a Google Account. With Google Drive you can do the following:

    1. Backup Files
    2. Shares Files
    3. Store Files
    4. Create Files

    One very interesting feature of the file hosting service is the ability to back up your files. It is very possible for your device to crash, get missing or get stolen. If you work with files a lot, it’s no news that you should save them in your device. Your device storage can save these files but backing them up is absolutely out of the picture. What you need is a platform that can automatically restore all of these files once you sign in your account and this is what Google Drive offers.

    Google Drive Features

    • Sign up is free
    • Free 15GB online storage (you would have to pay if you require more space)
    • Access to Google Online Store where you can create PDFs, stories, GIFs etc.
    • Anyone can download a file from your storage as long as you send them a link to do so
    • You can use it on any smart device (mobile, tablet, or desktop)

    How do you Sign Up for a Google Drive
    Remember this cloud storage is very flexible and you need a Google Account to Access it. Follow these steps to sign up:

    1. Open your Web Browser
    2. Visit the Google Drive Website (
    3. On your Homepage click on “Go to Google Drive” icon
    4. Sign in your Google Account by inputting the Username and Password of your Google Account
    5. Click “Sign In”

    These procedures give you access to the Google Cloud Storage and now you can start enjoying all its benefits.

    That is it on How do you Sign Up for a Google Drive – Create Google Drive Account. Kindly share!!!

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