All About Facebook Developer Cycle – Facebook Developer Circle – Lagos

    All About Facebook Developer Cycle – Facebook Developer Circle – Lagos: Facebook is a very popular social media platform that can be used for a lot of things apart from just chatting and making new friends or reconnecting with old ones.

    With Facebook, you can buy and sell on Facebook marketplace or Facebook buy and sell group or Facebook online shop, you can also play Facebook games, you can also use Facebook as an advertising platform or pass information to a large number of people within a very short period of time.

    There is also a section of Facebook that is known as Facebook for developers, this section is for people who build and develops an application, if you are among them you can join Facebook developer cycle.

    Facebook developer cycle is like a group for developers to meet on Facebook and share ideas and views on how to improve and do better on their developing skills. Facebook developer cycle can be seen as an organized local community for developers. This cycle is not just one, there are a lot of them in almost every region, it is just like a Facebook group and you can join in the same way.

    When you are a member of the Facebook developer cycle you will be able to gain access to exclusive local groups and community and attend meetings nearby, you will also be able to collaborate with your fellow developers and build and create with them. You will also have the opportunity to interact with local developing experts and learn more about Bots, loT, AI, React and many other tools.

    Create a Facebook Developer Account
    Before you join the Facebook developer cycle you must have been a developer, which means you must know how to create and develop applications. After that, the next step is that you should have a Facebook developer account.

    Creating a Facebook developer account is very easy but it is advisable that you should create a new Facebook account for your Facebook developer account. Follow the steps below to create a Facebook developer account.

    1. Connect to the internet.
    2. Log in to your Facebook account using Facebook web.
    3. Copy this link and paste it in your browser’s URL.
    4. Click on the link that says make your account a developer account, for example make Wilson John a developer account.
    5. You will be redirected to the confirmation page and you have successfully created a developer account.

    The email you used to create your account is what will be used to login to your Facebook developer account every time you want to test an app.

    That is it on All About Facebook Developer Cycle – Facebook Developer Circle – Lagos. I hope this article was helpful. Kindly share it with your friends and loved ones!!!

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