How do you Turn Facebook Marketplace Notification On Or Off

How do you Turn Facebook Marketplace Notification On Or Off: Here is a comprehensive and straight to the point tutorial on how to access your facebook marketplace settings and turn it on or off. Thus, if you are a facebook user and searching for a post on how to access facebook marketplace notifications page, this article has gotten you covered. Continue reading below and please don’t hesitate to share it with your friends and loved ones!!!

Facebook Marketplace Settings Facebook automatically provides or turns on Facebook marketplace notifications signaling you when a new product is out, when a customer wants to buy your product when you search for a new item, message from a seller and so much more.

Fb marketplace notifications help inform you of a new update on the Facebook marketplace or when a bid is going down. Facebook marketplace notification keeps you up to date on the events and happenings in the marketplace so you don’t miss anything and stay on top of the notable events.

Features of Facebook Marketplace Notifications – Facebook Marketplace Settings
Fb marketplace notification is an effective and efficient way of engaging customers and keeping tabs on what is going on in the marketplace even when you are not logged on to your Facebook application, so you don’t miss out on great deals.

Benefits of using Fb marketplace notifications are:

Increase productivity: Fb marketplace notifications is a great tool for increasing sales productivity. By keeping tabs on who wants to purchase your product you can help facilitate a faster transaction before customers lose interest.

Improve consistency: By using Facebook marketplace notifications you stay ahead of customers always reminding them of sales, deals and offers to make your shop always buzzing with clients.
Notifications are a great way to remind ourselves of events and planning meetings. By incorporating it into the Facebook marketplace and using the notifications the right way you can never miss a customer or miss an offer you’ve been waiting for.

How to Turn the Facebook Marketplace Notification On Or Off

Sometimes notifications can be pesky even though they are good for reminding you to stay in schedule sometimes they are just plain annoying and can be very distracting especially when you need all your focus on an important task. Toggle through on and off with these steps:

Click the top right to open Facebook menu
Click notification from the left menu
Click Facebook
Scroll to marketplace and tap edit
Click on or off after notification type to select preferred settings

Do not leave your notifications off for long or you might end up missing out on a lot of great marketplace deals.

That is it on How do you Turn Facebook Marketplace Notification On Or Off. I hope this article was helpful. Kindly share it with your friends and loved ones!!!

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