How to Embed Video Conferencing on Your Website

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Nowadays, it has become very popular to embed video calls and video conferencing on websites and hold meetings, e-learning, virtual events, and webinars on your own domain without the use of third-party software.

And this is nothing new – the business and the online learning industry are actively competing for customers, improving the quality of service and interaction. Embedded video conferencing and video calls help customers save time and improve their experience.

You can embed Proficonf video conferencing on your own website via iframe API.

Proficonf offers high-quality browser-based video conferencing with lots of features:

  • 1) Meeting time up to 24 hours.
  • 2) Up to 250 participants per meeting.
  • 3) Management of participants and roles: moderator, speaker, a viewer.
  • 4) Chat.
  • 5) For each participant temporary file storage: 500MB.
  • 6) Screen share, program window, or browser tab.
  • 7) Build-in Whiteboard.
  • 8) Miro board.
  • 9) Demonstration YouTube video.
  • 10) Demonstration files: video, audio, presentations, pictures, etc.
  • 11) Invitation of participants by link or email.
  • 12) Video recording up to 24 hours.
  • 13) Auto recording for scheduled and permanent meetings.
  • 14) Live streaming and Multistreaming up to 10 simultaneous streams from one meeting room.
  • 15) Display modes: tile grid, active speaker.
  • 16) Setting meeting privacy: private, public.
  • 17) Custom Thank You Page
  • 18) Download the list of participants for the completed event.

It’s free to get started, we automatically provide $25 when you sign up for Workspace with a business email to test all the features and embedding

Just a few lines of code need to be embedded to get the first result and check it out. It doesn’t take much time. Copy the sample code in the developer docs:

How to Embed Video Conferencing on Your Website

Then paste the meeting URL in the code above with one that you’ve created in your Meetings section. Just copy it from the Workspace Meetings section in Proficonf. 


How to Embed Video Conferencing on Your Website

Now try loading your website page. You should see that the Proficonf video call is running. Here is a screenshot of the video call on the Proficonf iframe Demo page with another website domain.

How to Embed Video Conferencing on Your Website

The embedded virtual room will be displayed with a UI, default controls and all the features for Proficonf video calls are available. You can customize the UI and change the color, logo, locale, username, iframe size, and remove elements. For default display settings, check out the docs:

How to Embed Video Conferencing on Your Website

You also can check out our REST API docs if you’re a developer interested in programmatic controls.

Don’t forget to generate and copy the API key

Proficonf API uses API Key to authenticate requests. You can view and manage your API key in your Workspace settings (Workspace settings > Integration).

Use our REST API as an easy way to create and manage meetings, files, time zones, records, and other resources. You can also subscribe to events, such as starting or ending meetings, using webhooks, etc.


Embed Proficonf video calls on your website or app, customize them for your needs and improve your customers’ experience. It’s great for online learning, telemedicine, online services, and various business.

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