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Kissanime Website Alternatives to Watch Free Anime Online Kissanime

KissAnime has made significant progress in the gathering of many kinds of anime videos. It is also regarded as a portal via which anyone can access anime-related shows. Any time refers to any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. User-friendliness, well-organized, well-managed, synchronization of shows on smart cellular devices, and excellent resolution are among the site’s main features.

Aside from that, Kiss Anime is the website with the largest collection of whole seasons of anime. The website also contains characteristics that distinguish it from others. One of them concerns dubbed English cartoons, which allow non-native English speakers to enjoy the episodes more easily. Furthermore, if a specific show is not listed on the website, you can submit a request for it to be added. The high-quality films, which have a resolution of 720 pixels, have a crystal clear impact.

Your site will travel to the site’s own suggestion of animes in the KissAnime home section. If you choose the RANDOM option, KissAnime will propose anime at random. Then there’s the option of viewing the most recent anime releases as well as upcoming releases. The ‘Latest Update Section’ will be updated whenever a new series or episode is released on the site. This will inform you whether or not the episode you’ve been waiting for has been uploaded.

The HOT and MOST POPULAR area is useful for learning about popular series or episodes that are receiving positive feedback from viewers. Reporting Audio and Video is located on the far right side of the screen. It’s useful for notifying the administrator about outdated, corrupt, or broken links. Texting the administrator would almost certainly solve the problem. KissAnime’s endeavor is commendable, as it facilitates the audience’s access to content in a logical manner. It also improves the site’s trustworthiness and reputation.

KissAnime Animelist:

The second option, Animalist, displays a list of all anime series available on the site. The site has a massive amount of content, making it difficult to find your favorite anime. To address this issue, KissAnime offers search tools that make it easier to find what you’re looking for. You can, for example, search for a specific anime by selecting the Alphabet it begins with.

You can also search by status, such as whether the project is ongoing or completed. If you want to see a specific genre, you can do so by selecting one of the many genre options available on the site. Action, Adventure, Cars, cartoons, Fantasy, and Magic are just a few examples of the same. You may rest guaranteed that your favorite anime will be found on this site since they have put in a lot of work to collect all series.


The mobile tab is self-explanatory. It opens the site KissAnime in a mobile-phone supportive format. It is easy to view when you are visiting this site on devices such as smartphones, Tablets, among others.

Anime Dubbed:

When we clicked on the Anime Dubbed list, it opened however no content came. There was just a message stating Right now Our Dubbed list is not yet uploaded but Great News you can watch free also on this site.” 

We think that this portion of the site hasn’t been updated yet.


The cartoon tab shows the same message as the Anime Dubbed List tab. The message states that Cartoon List hasn’t been uploaded yet.

However, there are many alternatives to KissAnime. Some of the best ones are listed below.

  • Chia-Anime
  • Crunchyroll
  • AnimeFreak
  • Anime Planet
  • AnimeLab
  • 9Anime
  • GoGoAnime

Now that we have the names of the finest KissAnime alternatives, it’s time to go through each one separately so you can learn more about them.

  1. Chia-Anime

Chia-Anime, like KissAnime, makes anime videos available for free online streaming. There is a wide range of English-dubbed and subtitled films, movies, and series available. This site appeals to a non-native Japanese audience for the same reason. This is also a site that is intended for people of all ages, but it makes money from adverts. However, these advertisements are too much to bear. Chia-Anime is a good option for getting stuff for free. Offline viewing of videos and shows is also available using software compatible with this website.

  1. Crunchyroll

It is one of the most well-known and well-known anime websites. It is also the largest location. Subtitles and dubbing are two features that have helped it gain a reputation in the anime world. When it comes to quality, though, it remains superb. The site has developed 720p for the finest experience. Additionally, in order to get the most out of this site, you should register and create an account with a working email address.

Smartphones, PlayStation (3 and 4), iOS phones, Windows and Apple gadgets, Roku Box, PlayStation Vita, Wii U, Xbox 360, and Chromecast all work with Crunchyroll. The best part about this website is that you may acquire translations in the form of subtitles in a variety of languages. Espaola, François, Italian, Arabic, Portuguesa, English (both UK and US), Deutsch, and уcски are among these languages. Kissanime’s best competitor.

  1. AnimeFreak

Anime Series, from the oldest to the latest are found to be here, in one place. Survey and research conducted in 2019 reveal that, due to the fact of holding a huge collection of Anime videos and shows, AnimeFreak is the most streamed site. The best part is that you can watch videos even when you haven’t registered. Since there is a good navigation element, you can easily find what you want to watch. Also, it contains all episodes of the shows in HD quality Kissanime’s best choice. If you turn on notifications, you will get an update whenever there is a new release. Also, you will be able to preview shows in a gist before opening the video. That, of course, saves up time. In the preview, you get to see the ranking, synopsis, and list of episodes.

  1. Anime Planet

In the year 2001, Anime-Planet was established. It does not function based on its age or the content it contains in the form of movies, videos, or television series. Consider what you’ll see while you’re here. You can simply find reviews of the shows you want to watch in the form of charts, anime, and manga. Surprisingly, the goal of Anime-Planet was to assist other Kissanime enthusiasts. This was produced by anime junkies for the love of anime videos and for the enjoyment of other anime enthusiasts. Furthermore, it is more of a community where users may make friends who share their love of anime.

  1. AnimeLab

AnimeLab is functional on both, smart cellular phones and laptops. It can be opened from different browsers on various devices, simultaneously. It also gels in well with PlayStation, Apple TV, Xbox One, Google Chrome Cast, Telstra TV, Foxtel Now Box, and Apple Airplay. Interestingly, Madman Entertainment which is located in the East of Melbourne, Australia, incepted the idea and then developed AnimeLab. This site is in direct partnership with Japan and doesn’t need to crawl on other sites to give you access to watching videos. Advertisements, therefore, are far from the site. However, there is a catch. For full access to the site, you need to register as a premium user. That means you can watch limited free videos, after which when you pay the site for complete access, it grants you unlimited watching of the videos. Nevertheless, it is one of the best alternatives to KissAnime.

  1. 9Anime

With 9Anime, watching anime videos is not only simple but also convenient. Its strong suit is its individuality. On the site, you may view anything you want with English subtitles and in high definition. The major area of Anime encompasses a vast range of categories. Despite the positive aspects, there is one drawback: not all videos or series are dubbed and subtitled. All of the popular Anime videos are found on the “Trending” page. There’s also a simple filter for finding ancient Anime videos, which helps people with limited time. You can also search for Anime by date or name. The greatest alternative to Kissanime has a schedule of new releases listed at the bottom of the website.



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