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How to Record and Download SoundClick Music to MP3 for Free

You can buy music in MP3 format from SoundClick’s online music store and stream it online or download it. Actually, the majority of the music is available for free download from inside the software. The finest SoundClick downloader to record and download music to MP3 for free may be found in the post if you wish to download songs that have a cost.

Why You Cannot Download SoundClick Music Files

Is there a way to have free access to all of SoundClick’s music files on your computer? To download the selected music, you might want to directly copy and paste the SoundClick URLs into a video downloader. However, it’s possible that these online SoundClick downloaders won’t find the music or even mention downloading the files. Why?

  1. SoundClick is a free music community where you can listen to streaming music only. It will update the algorithm for SoundClick music download frequently to block the detection.
  2. Most of the online music downloaders are designed for YouTube, Vimeo, and other websites. It is difficult to find a SoundClick downloader used to get the music files from SoundClick only.
  3. Different from the other online streaming sites, which are able to detect one song for each URL. SoundClick provides 40 songs for a whole playlist within the same URL that is difficult to detect and download.

How to Download Free SoundClick Music Directly

The majority of the tracks are available for free download on SoundClick. For a few of the more popular ones, prices range from $1 to $50. For a number of tracks, there is a package fee. Here is how to download music from SoundClick.

Step 1: Search for your favorite songs

When you access SoundClick, you can choose the favorite music type or just enter the name of the music into the search column. Once you locate the music, you can find a playlist with 40 songs within the same URL.

Step 2: Download free SoundClick music

Click the Download icon on the right side of each song to download free SoundClick music directly. The online music-streaming site will download music from SoundClick to MP3 directly.

Best Alternative Method for SoundClick Music Downloading

How can I get free access to all music files in their original quality? Is there a way to download MP3 files of SoundClick music? A popular SoundClick downloader to record and download all music from SoundClick in high definition is Vidmore Screen Recorder. Additionally, you can easily change the parameters or further alter the audio files.

  1. Record video, capture audio, and take snapshots from SoundClick easily.
  2. Save the SoundClick music to MP3, WMA, and other file formats.
  3. Download the music from SoundClick to the desired quality with ease.
  4. Set up the presets for SoundClick recording with the desired parameter.

Step 1: Once you have installed the SoundClick Downloader, you can launch the program on your computer. After that, you can go to the More menu and choose the Manage option to customize a recording preset for SoundClick music files.

Step 2: Choose the desired audio format and select the High as the audio quality. Moreover, you can also adjust the volume for Sound in order to record the Sound music with the best quality. Click the Save button and choose the Apply button to save the changes.

Step 3: In the home interface, you can choose the Audio Recorder menu.

Enable the System Sound option to record the online streaming music from SoundClick and disable the Microphone option to avoid any noise from the environment.

Step 4: Click the REC button to start recording SoundClick music before you play back the songs on the website. When you get the songs, you can click the Stop button to save the music to your computer. Just further trim the music files or share them on your smartphone accordingly.


The majority of the music files are available for free download from the top internet streaming service, SoundClick. However, there are some audio files that you must pay a significant fee for. Widmore Screen Recorder is the SoundClick music downloader you should think about using if you want to download the music to MP3 or other audio formats with the appropriate quality.



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