How to Delete Yelp Account

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How to Delete Yelp Account and What Happens When You Do

You can quickly and easily remove your Yelp account if you so choose (for whatever reason).

Please read the information on account deletion here before closing it. It can be too late when you confirm your closer request:

How to Delete Yelp Account

  • Login to your Yelp account
  • Submit the closure request by providing the reason for your closure decision (The message can be as short as one word)
  • Go to your associated email and click on the link in the message from Yelp to confirm that you wish to close your account
  • Confirm the closure request by clicking the button “Close Account”
Your Yelp account will be immediately closed, but it will take some time for your reviews and photos to vanish from the site.

How to Delete Yelp Account on Mobile

You cannot deactivate your Yelp account using the Yelp mobile app, but you can login and do it using any mobile browser by following the instructions above.

the best way to remove your Yelp account on a mobile device.

  1. Login to your Yelp account using any mobile browser (e.g. Safari) Cancel the invitation to open the page in the Yelp application (It will show up if you have the app installed)
  2. Click to submit the closure request Provide your closure reason (be as brief or as detailed as you feel like)

What Happens Once You Delete Your Yelp Account?

  • Yelp account deletion is permanent. You will not be able to restore it.
  • Any reviews you have written or photos you have uploaded will ultimately be lost. But it will take some time (and Yelp won’t tell you how much time exactly it will take). This means that if you need your Yelp reviews or pictures to be instantly deleted, you need to remove them manually prior to deleting your account.

To instantly remove your Yelp content (public reviews and photos):

  • Login to your Yelp account
  • Click “About me” under your profile pic
  • Click “Reviews” to the left
  • Use the “Delete” icon to delete any reviews, one by one

Yelp does not offer a bulk deletion feature.

If you have written numerous reviews and don’t want to be linked with them, editing your profile before deleting it may be a workaround. Do this by removing your profile picture and changing your name. This will immediately alter how your current reviews look:

Anonymize ALL of your Yelp reviews right away before you delete your account. It will be more difficult to link your reviews to you in this manner.

How to Delete Your Personal Yelp Account

  • Yelp account closure is instant, your content removed from the site IS NOT. So consider removing or anonymizing your Yelp reviews prior to deleting your account
  • You need to provide the reason why you decided to leave the site to submit the account closure request (but no need to go into much detail unless you want to).
  • There’s no way to delete your account using Yelp’s app but you can still close your account from a mobile device by logging in to your Yelp account using any mobile browser



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