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We Transfer Login Free Account

Sending files internationally is made simple and free with We Transfer. Much more is accomplished by it. To make it easier for the other user to get the material, it first compresses large files into smaller ones. There are TWO WAYS (By Email address and By Direct Link Copy) to transmit your files to the recipients/receivers, both of which have been covered on this page. Continue to read

You don’t have to register or log in before uploading, downloading, or receiving a file from someone else on WeTransfer.com, which is wonderful.

The easiest way to use the “We Transfer” uncomplicated transfer service is demonstrated on this page.

If you want more capabilities, you can upgrade to “We Transfer Plus,” which lets you send up to 20GB at once, save up to 100GB, and set passwords to protect your files.

You can also choose your background photos, personalize your emails, and access additional services with a PLUS account, including the ability to personalize your profile.

We Transfer Login Free Account

You really do not need to log in or create an account when using the free feature. Below is how to work through the site for free.

  1. Visit the website www.wetransfer.com
  2. Click the “I Agree” button
  3. By clicking the “I agree” means you accept the terms and condition of using the service. Now you the main form to upload your file(s) becomes active for you to start uploading.Click the “Add your Files” > this opens your computer files where you select which file(s) to start uploading. Remember you have upto2GB of files to upload at once.
  4. After uploading you may decide you want to send the file to the receiver’s email. If that is what you want then, the first form is the receivers email address. The second box is your email address. Then drop a message to attach with the file you are sending. But the other way round where you are not sending via email – you want to get the link of the file so the receiver could directly download the file through the link, then you click on “…..You could see from the image above that I’ve already uploaded my file, and I selected the “Link”, so you won’t be seeing the email forms anymore. This is a free feature so the other 2-features will not be available for you to work with.
  5. Then click on “Transfer”At this point, you have to patiently wait till the process is completed. Right now, it’s compressing and uploading at the same time too. Wait till it gets to 100% to see the next move you take.
  6. Once it’s done uploading, you should see a link to click and copy the link or send it via email.

We Transfer Login Plus Account

If you have a “We Transfer Plus” account, all you need to access your account is your email address and password. click the “Sign In” button after that.

If you need to reset your password because you’ve forgotten it, click the Forgot Password” link below the form.

Benefits of Using the “We Transfer Plus Account:

  • Send up to 20GB at a time
  • Store up to 100GB
  • Password protect your files
  • Personalize your profile
  • Choose your background images
  • Customize your emails

How to Get and Send A WeTransfer Link

You can upload your files once and share the same link with as many people as you desire using the link-sharing tool.

Now, as soon as the files have fully uploaded, you ought to see a button ”

To access or download the files you have uploaded, you may transmit the We Transfer link to an infinite number of recipients.


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