How To Delete JustAnswer Account

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How To Cancel/Delete Your JustAnswer Membership

JustAnswer is an online resource that gives its users access to professional responses to their burning questions on a variety of topics.

On JustAnswer, the team and the experts are divided into separate categories for a hundred distinct topics, ranging from ones about relationships to ones about cars.

Members can communicate with one another via chat, email, or message boards on online discussion forums.

The experts offer a 100% money-back guarantee and are available to members around-the-clock, seven days a week.

Even while it does not give any free services, it does provide a 7-day JustAnswer trial membership, after which you will be charged the appropriate fee. There are three ways to pay: by joining, by paying for each answer, or by using the premium service.

Therefore, JustAnswer will connect you with the appropriate person to respond to any type of question in order to assist you with the crucial questions in your life.

After receiving all of your questions and answers, if you want to terminate your subscription to JustAnswer, read this page. Here, we’ll outline “How to Cancel JustAnswer” and its procedures in accordance with the company’s cancellation policy.

How do I cancel the JustAnswer membership?

You can select any of the methods that are described below to cancel your JustAnswer trial membership or subscription (charged).

Both online and offline techniques are covered.

Listed below are the details one must keep ready before proceeding to the JustAnswer cancel subscription process:

  • Members First Name
  • Last name of the member
  • Contact Number
  • Registered Email Address
  • Account Username
  • The password of the Account
  • Billing Address
  • City of residence
  • State/ Region/ Province
  • PIN Code or ZIP Code
  • Country
  • The reason for the cancellation

Now let us look into the methods on cancel a membership JustAnswer:

How do I cancel my JustAnswer membership via the login account through the Online method:

I want to cancel my JustAnswer membership online, but how do I do that? Please carefully follow these instructions:
  1. Visit the ‘Login’ page of JustAnswer:

    Firstly, from the preferred web browser visit the JustAnswer Login page at

  2. Click on the ‘My Account section:

    In the next step, click on the section of ‘My Account which is at the top corner of the screen.

  3. Hit the ‘Edit’ option on the ‘Account Information tab:

    Now, hit the option on ‘Edit’ which is under the tab on ‘Account Information on the left of the displayed page.

  4. Scroll down and look for the ‘Edit Your Subscription’ button:

    Next, scroll down the page look into the button on ‘Edit Your Subscription’, and click on it to open.

  5. Select the ‘Cancel My Subscription Plan’ tab:

    Then, select the tab on ‘Cancel My Subscription Plan’.

  6. Hit the ‘Submit’ button:

    Now, hit the button on ‘Submit’ to confirm the cancellation.

  7. Retain the confirmation information or the email related to the cancellation:

    Lastly, make sure to retain the confirmation details or the email on the successful cancellation for future reference.

How can I cancel my JustAnswer membership over the Phone through Live Agent:

Here are the steps one must follow in order to cancel one membership to JustAnswer via the Phone:

1. Call the JustAnswer Customer Service phone number:

First, dial the Customer Service phone number of JustAnswer at 1-888-862-9212

2. Talk to the agent that you desire to cancel the account:

Now talk to the agent about the desire to cancel the JustAnswer account.

3. Furnish the details of the account to the rep:

Next, furnish all the required details and information of your account to the representative so that they can easily identify your subscription.

4. Ask that you won’t get charged further:

Then, ask the rep that you won’t get charged the subscription fee again.

5. Ensure to get a confirmation on cancellation:

In the next step, ensure about getting the confirmation details or email on cancellation.

6. Retain the confirmation details:

Now, be careful to retain the details on confirmation about the cancellation for future records.

The following are the steps for “How to cancel my JustAnswer membership” via email:

  1. Compose an Email on cancellation:
    In the first step, we must compose an email requesting to cancel the subscription.
  2. Provide the details of the account:
    Next, provide all the information related to the account in the email.
  3. Ask the rep to cancel the JustAnswer subscription:
    Then, ask the rep to cancel the membership on JustAnswer.
  4. Ensure to get the confirmation details:
    Make sure to receive the details on confirmation about the cancellation.
  5. Send the email to the JustAnswer email address:
    With all the information forward the composed email to the address
  6. Retain the confirmation mail:
    At last, also ensure to retain the confirmation information or the email on successful cancellation for any future reference.
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