How to Set Up Your Facebook Product Catalogue Feeds

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How to Set Up Your Facebook Product Catalogue Feeds

You must configure the Replace Feed Details Feed and the Update Feed Details Feed in order to construct a Facebook Catalogue. The Feed URLs from Create are copied into Facebook in order to accomplish this.

Your Facebook Product Catalogue and your Create stock are always perfectly in sync thanks to the Replace Feed Details URL. Additionally, your Facebook Catalogue will no longer contain any deleted items from your Create Shop. Your Facebook Catalogue only needs to be updated once a day to remain functional. However, you can always ask for a manual refresh from your Facebook Commerce Manager if you need to.

To regularly manage your product details, use the Update Feed Details URL. This feed will regularly update your product details throughout the day, including prices, descriptions, and stock, to ensure that your Facebook Catalogue is always up to date.

The feed URLs are located in your Create account at:

1. Log in to your Create account

2. Click on Shop on the top menu

3. Click on Sales Channels in the left menu

4. Click on the tab Facebook/Instagram Shopping

The Replace Feed Details is the one you’ll need for the initial setup of your products in the next steps. Copy this to your clipboard.

5.  In the Commerce Manager, click Manage from the right-hand side in the Data Sources box

6. Choose the Data Feed option and press the Next button

7. When prompted “Are you ready to upload your spreadsheet or file?“, select Yes and then click Next.

8. Select the Use a URL tab, enter the Replace Feed Details found in your Create account in the box labeled Enter URL and press the Next button

9. Select Daily in the update schedule on the next screen, and choose the time you’d like the feed to be collected each day by Facebook. Press the Next button to continue.

N.B. You can ask for an immediate catalog refresh in the Product Data Sources section if you frequently change your products and want Facebook to update right away rather than waiting for your daily scheduled time.

10. Review your selections, you may also need to change your default currency here.

11. Press the Save Feed & Upload button.

N.B. Your products will now be uploaded to Facebook. Please be aware that you may see warnings relating to HTML in your Long Product Description. This is where Facebook is stripping back any formatting from your website to fit the format of their platform. This will not affect the performance of your catalog and can be ignored.

Once completed you’ll need to set your Update feed from which Facebook will get any product changes and stock levels on an hourly basis.

12. Open the Settings tab on the Data Sources screen

13. Scroll down and click the button labeled + Update Schedule

14. Select Hourly for the frequency

15. Switch OFF Automatic Updates. This is taken care of by your feed.

16. Head back to Create and copy the Update Feed Details URL to your clipboard

17. Go back to Commerce Manager and paste your URL into the highlighted field

18. Click the Save button to store this information

As soon as Facebook has finished processing your upload, you will be able to check the status of your product and receive an email. You can use this to build a Facebook shop, make Instagram shopping pins, or begin promoting your products on Facebook once your products have been successfully added to the Facebook catalog.


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