5 Reasons Facebook Dating Is Not Showing Up–Tips to Fix Facebook Dating

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5 Reasons Facebook Dating Is Not Showing Up—Tips to Fix Facebook Dating – Many Facebook dating site users usually encounter several challenges while trying to access Facebook dating sites. You need not worry if you are having difficulties using the app. The 5G Challenge is unique to most users who are either new to the site or haven’t had enough time to peruse the site properly.

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This article will quickly fix such challenges if you follow it up judiciously and apply all that is written here.
There are several reasons your Facebook date needs to show up. It does not imply in any way that there is a problem with your phone or your Facebook, although that too can be the case, but not often.

5 Reasons Your Facebook Dating Site Is Not Responding:

Reason 1:

Your internet connection is unreliable: Facebook does not support unsolicited networks, so using a trusted network is most reliable than using open wifi from an unreliable source.

How to Fix This:

1. Disconnect from open wifi and try again

2. Switch from open wifi to cellular network or vice versa if you were using a cellular network.

Reason 2:

Facebook dating is only available for mobile devices: if you have been trying to access the dating site from your computer, it is time to switch to using your mobile device.
How to Fix This
Try using your smartphone to use the dating site rather than your computer.

Reason 3:

Try and update your Facebook App: The Facebook dating space is a new feature that has just been recently added to the Facebook app, so if you are experiencing challenges, the problem could be that you need to use an updated Facebook format.

How to fix this

Go to the Google play store for Android users or the iPhone or iPad app store to update your Facebook app or download the latest version. Close your old Facebook app and reopen the updated version.

Reason 4:

Facebook dating may not be available in your region: Facebook dating is still in the test run and has not been made available to every part yet, so if you are experiencing a challenge in using the space, it may be that the site is not available in your region.

Reason 5:

Facebook dating is only available for adults: Only people who are up to 18 years of age can access the dating site. If you are under 18, the site will not be accessible.

How to fix this:

If you are up to 18 years, but your Facebook age is inaccurate because you made a mistake while entering your age, you can go to settings to enter your correct age and date of birth, and the site will be made accessible to you.

If, after following all these steps and suggestions outlined above, you still need help using the Facebook dating site, you should report the problem to Facebook.


1. Why can’t I find people in my neighbourhood?

Answer: Facebook dating only connects you with people you share interests with; if you need someone close to your neighbourhood, go to settings and turn on your location.

2. You aren’t I meeting the people I like:

Answer: Facebook dating can only connect you with people based on the information you share about what you like. Be specific about what you want so they can suggest people with similar interests.

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