7 Ways To Get the Most out of The Windows 11 Start Menu

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7 Ways To Get the Most out of The Windows 11 Start Menu – Microsoft’s Windows operating system has evolved over the years, and her recent Windows 11 operating system has many features and contents, these features spread across the operating system. Some are in the start menu; unlike other windows, the Windows 11 start menu has excellent and exciting features that make work easier and faster.

Below are seven features of Windows 11 every user should know to get the most out of the Windows 11 start menu.

Adding and Removing Folders and Apps

One unique feature of the Windows 11 start menu is its ability to add and remove apps or folders from the start menu. To access this feature, you would have to do the following; right click on the start menu, then click” add to this list” You are at this point to search for your desired app and folder, then after making your choice of your desired app you also decided whether to add or remove the app from the start menu, if you want to add, you click on “add” but if you’re going to pull you right click then click on “remove from this list” this would automatically remove it from the start menu.

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Recommend Section

Windows 11 operating system has another unique feature in its start menu called recommend section, which displays apps you use frequently, apps you installed recently and some other options for personalization. When your system recommend section is off, you can quickly turn it on by right-clicking the start menu and selecting “show recommend” It helps to quickly access your most frequently used apps and easily continue on the project or work you were doing.

Pinning and Unpinning Apps

This feature of Windows 11 enables the start menu to be easily customized. To pin an app to the start menu, you right-click on the app and then choose “pin to start” This would automatically display the app icon on the start menu, alternatively, to unpin an app, you also right-click and select “unpin from start menu”. You can perform this process on as many apps as you want.

Resizing The Start Menu

The Windows 11 operating system supports individual preferences; the start menu can be resized to suit our tastes, choices, and priorities. There are two significant ways of resizing the start menu either you take your mouse to the top edge of the start menu, clock and drag to the desired size, or you use your keyboard press and hold the windows button, use the arrow keys to direct the start menu to your desired length.

Changing The Theme

The theme of the Windows 11 start menu can be changed to suit a particular user based on our preferences or personal eye issues. To change your start menu theme, right-click on the start menu, then visit “personalization”, select pieces, then choose the theme that suits your condition or that you prefer most.

Organizing The Start Menu

Two primary ways of organizing the Windows 11 start menu are creating groups and creating folders. To create a group, you click an app’s icon, drag it and place it on another app’s icon; this will automatically make a group where other icons can be added and given a unique name based on their use. To create a folder, right-click the start menu, select “new folder”, name the folder, and add apps to it.

Disabling The Live Tiles

To turn off life tiles in the Windows 11 start menu, you right-click, select “personalization”, then click start; under “show more tiles on start”, switch off the toggle; this will automatically turn off live tiles.


Does the Windows 11 start menu support personalization? Yes, the Windows 11 start menu supports personalization; you can personalize the theme and size, amongst others.

Can I resize the taskbar? You can resize the taskbar by right-clicking on the toolbar and selecting “taskbar settings.”


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