Best Tips For Finding a Match on Facebook Dating

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Best Tips For Finding a Match on Facebook Dating – Online dating is a mainstay insofar as digitalization is a norm. Meeting your soul mate is now easier than it used to be. 

There is no need to add that meeting people after leaving college can be so tricky since life can become so overwhelming for many.

Facebook is the platform that can provide you with choices to pick a partner as long as such a person has the features you desire in your spouse and shares mutual feelings about likes and dislikes.

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If you are finding it difficult to find a match on Facebook dating, this tip is what you need to assist you in getting a perfect match on Facebook dating.

Tip One

#Keep your profile up-to-date:

Most Facebook dating users are too busy searching for who will fit perfectly into their lives to pay attention to someone who last updated their profile years back.

 If you keep your profile updated, your likes, hobbies and interests, the location may stay the same, resulting in conflict in case of meeting with your match. 

You both will speak a different language in terms of understanding; you need to update your profile so people will know more about you. 

If you have changed your place of work, indicate so. If you graduated from college or other fundamental changes that have occurred over time, suggest so that people will understand your personality.

For instance, if you just recently relocated to New York City, edit your profile to show this so anyone who is interested in you and stays in NYC can indicate interest in meeting up with you.

Tip Two

#upload an eye-catching picture as your display photo

The only personality that users can identify you with is your picture, your display photo speaks volumes about you, and your picture pitches your person to another venue; they can even get tempted to open your profile. Your picture is the first language that people understand before meeting you, so speak the language well. Do not upload a picture that does not reflect your current personality that will be seen as deception. Let your picture depict who you are and what you stand for. Please enable me to use a good camera too, it matters!

Tip Three

#Look out for “People You May Know”

Most Facebook users ignore this, but this is where your perfect match might be. People you may know are a compilation of most people who have viewed your profile or even friends of your friends on Facebook. Ignoring checking them out and adding up the app ones you find interesting might not be the best decision.

Tip Four

#Join groups that speak your interests 

In groups, you will find people posting articles and write-ups. The comment section is also a perfect place to interact with people’s posts; from this comment section, interactions occur; people discuss matters, agree, disagree and comment on their opinions; you can never tell where your perfect match might be. Keep an open mind and participate in posting and commenting on others’ posts if such a position interests you.

Tip Five

#keep your posts on public

Facebook offers features where one can lock their accounts from being viewed by the public. One can edit their posts only to be seen by their friends. If you enable this setting, you will be restricting people who are not your friends on Facebook from seeing you, and this is not in your best interest if you are searching for a spouse. Keep your profile and posts public! 


1. Why have I yet to get any matches on Facebook dating?

Any or all of these can be the reason behind you not getting matched:

You may not be specific on what you want in your partner, haven’t uploaded a picture, and are inactive on the app. Try and do the opposite of this and see how it goes.

2. What do I do if someone I like on Facebook does not like me back?

Truthfully, you have to be prepared for a no. It is not everything that we would love to eat that we have to eat. The same applies to Facebook dating. Just know that it is always a two-way flow; you are either accepted or rejected, so prepare your mind for it. If one person refuses you, someone else will take you.

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