The Easiest Way to Block Friend Requests on Facebook

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The Easiest Way to Block Friend Requests on Facebook – If you are battling with so many unsolicited friend requests and intend to reduce how people send you friend requests, this post is definitely for you.

Facebook is an easygoing app; anyone can send you a friend request whether you like it or not; there is little anyone can do to stop friend requests from popping into one’s account unsolicited.

You cannot entirely turn off friend requests, but you can edit and cut out who can send you friend requests.

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If you are thinking of an easy way to cut down on unsolicited friend requests and block unsolicited people from sending you requests, then this is what you should do. Follow these easy steps if you intend to block some requests on Facebook.

Steps to Block Friend Requests on Facebook 

1. Open the Facebook application:

If you intend to control the number of friends requests you receive on your Facebook account, you need to log into your account first. After logging in, 

enter your email address or phone number and password to log in.

2. Tap on the drop-down button:

Check the top right corner of your phone and click on the drop-down button indicated with three lines at the right corner of your phone or laptop, depending on whatever device you are using to access your Facebook account.

3. Scroll to settings:

After clicking the drop-down button, keep scrolling until you find the settings. If you are using an iPhone or iPad, the settings are located at the top of the pop-up menu, but for Android users, the settings are at the bottom.

4. Go to audience and visibility:

When you get to the settings, click on the setting, options of different things to edit on your settings pop out, then click on audience and visibility.

5. Click on “how people find and contact you”:

After getting to the audience and visibility, go to how people can find you. After tapping on that, tap on privacy. The tap on the privacy button is near the top on the left side of the settings page.

6. Click on edit:

Click the edit button, and edit from everyone to “friends of friends”. This will limit who can contact you from being open to everyone (public) to friends of friends, which will limit how and who sends you requests.

Editing your Facebook friend requests from everyone to friends of friends allows you to only receive friend requests from people you share mutual friends with.

Since blocking friend requests permanently is impossible, limiting who sends you friend requests is possible.


1. How do I block friend requests?

You can not block people from sending you friend requests; you can deny people the opportunity to send you requests or delete the friend requests if you do not wish to be friends with the person.

2. How do I remove all sent friend requests on Facebook?

If you have already sent the request to someone, you must cancel the friend request individually or by going to the request section to cancel sent requests.


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