How To Delete Comments, Likes and Reactions on Facebook

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How To Delete Comments, Likes, and Reactions on Facebook- If you have ever commented on someone’s post or reacted in a certain way and you later realize it was unthoughtful of you and want to make amends, then this article is one you should read to the end.

Facebook features keep enhancing its performance every day, adding the most pleasing concepts to its users. Facebook users enjoy the most aesthetic feeling ever because any action they perform instantly or unthoughtful can be undone.

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Have you ever made a lengthy post and some person reacted with a sad emoji without reading the post to the end or even commented a “happy birthday” on a post picture you posted with a lengthy caption mistaking the long write-up to be the ” story of your life”? Or your funny piece to be a sad story? The feeling can be painful, but there is a way to fix that.

When To Delete Your Comment or Reaction on Facebook 

You may desire to delete or edit your comment on your post or post made by another person if you feel that your comment was offensive to the poster or that such a comment could cause your account to be restricted by Facebook.

If your comment is misinterpreted, you may want to delete such a comment for the sake of your reputation and safety from being attacked by ‘Facebook frequents’. We have repeatedly seen on Facebook and other social media platforms how ‘online in-laws ‘ and fans go all out to render insult to anyone who says a contradictory word about their role models.

If you feel that your comment has been misinterpreted or has so many negative responses, it will be in your interest to delete such a comment.

However, the same applies to your likes or reactions to a Facebook post. If you had misinterpreted the message or photograph that was posted and reacted wrongly, you could easily unlike or ‘un-react’ or, better still, change the reaction if your reaction does not sit well with the post or with you.

How to Delete/Edit Your Comments on Facebook 

These steps are straightforward to follow if you want to delete/edit your comment and reaction on Facebook:

1. Find the comment:

First, you need to find the comment you made in the post; if the post has passed and you cannot find the post anymore, go to your activity log to find comments and delete or edit the comment from there.

2. Click on the comment:

Make a long press on the comment to bring out a drop-down of options.

3. Select the best option:

Whatever you want to do, whether to edit you delete, you select it from the drop-down. If you want to edit, click on edit and clear the old comment to write a new one.

4. Confirm the action:

Whatever action you take, whether to edit or delete, you must confirm it to show on Facebook.

How to Delete Your Reaction on Facebook 

Deleting your reaction is the easiest thing to do on Facebook. All you need to do is to click on the like button and change your reaction or delete the reaction by re-clicking on your previous reaction.


1. How do I delete someone’s comment on my post?

You can delete or hide people’s comments on your post; hiding the comment will mean only you see it. Deleting it is also possible all you need to do is long press on the comment and decide to delete or hide it from your post.

2. How do I remove someone’s reaction to my post?

Deleting someone’s reaction to your post is impossible, except if you want the person to delete it alone.

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