How Long After You Block Someone on Facebook Can You Unblock Them

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How Long After You Block Someone on Facebook Can You Unblock Them – Blocking anyone on Facebook is an available feature for every Facebook user; the block button is available for all Facebook users in case they feel harassed in any way or feel a compromised account is messaging them.

The block button protects users from receiving messages from anyone they feel uncomfortable with. If you do not want to interact with anyone anymore, you feel bullied, harassed or uncomfortable with the person; you can easily use the block button.

Pros of Using Facebook Block Button

One of the many advantages of the Facebook block button is that it protects users from interacting with people they feel uncomfortable with. The following are some of the services that the Facebook block button can provide for you:

1. protect your Facebook account from being found by the blocked account

2. Protects your Facebook account from being tagged to a post by a blocked account

3. It protects your Facebook account from being invited to groups or events 

4. Protects you from receiving messages from the blocked account

5. Protects your account from being added up by a blocked account 

How to Block Someone from Facebook 

If you feel offended or uncomfortable with it, do not hesitate to use the block button. Social media is a space where one should feel comfortable if, for any reason, someone makes you feel threatened or uncomfortable in any way, go ahead and block or report such a person.

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Blocking anyone on Facebook takes a simple process; all you need to do is:

1. Go to the person’s profile

2. Click on the three dots at the top right of your screen

3. Click on the second to the last option, which is the block

4. Click on confirm to block the user successfully

How to Unblock a Blocked Account

If you blocked someone in error or you feel that what you felt at the time you chose to block the person was uncalled for, then do this:

1. Go to settings in your account

2. On the settings page, click on blocking

3. Click on find block users

4. Tap on Unblock

5. confirm to unblock the user successfully

How Long Can it take you to Unblock a User?

If you blocked someone by mistake, it would take at least 48 hours before you can unblock the user from the blocked list.


1. If I block my friends, will they know I blocked them?

If they message you frequently, they will know because when they try to message you but can’t, it can only mean one thing: they’ve been blocked!

2. How do I know when someone blocks me on Facebook?

When you realise that you cannot message the user anymore, view the user’s account, or mention the user on your post, it is evident that you have been blocked. However, blocking experiences is similar to a deactivated account on Facebook.

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