How to Apply for James Madison Graduate Fellowship 2024 – Study in USA

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How to Apply for James Madison Graduate Fellowship 2024 – Study in USA – Studying in the United States is an age-long dream of every student, and James Madison is offering the opportunity on a platter of gold for most students who are passionate about the teaching profession.

About James Madison Graduate Fellowship

James Madison offers yearly support for students and graduates who are ready to go into the field of teaching by providing them financial support of 24,000 US dollars per annum as support for them to pursue a master’s degree program in American history teaching.

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The fellowship is only open for scholars ready to go into the teaching field in secondary schools by offering them support to complete their master’s programmes in American history courses.
The joy of applying for the James Madison fellowship is that it offers networking opportunities for people, both residents in the United States and not, in addition to financial support and a guaranteed teaching job in the US.

Benefits of James Madison Graduate Fellowship 2024 

The fellowship offers quite many attractive benefits, which include:
1. It offers many networking opportunities: You will meet scholars worldwide and exchange your scholarly ideas with other intellects.

2. It gives you the opportunity for professional development: you get to learn more from other scholars, thus, improving your knowledge and learning new things.

3. Academic excellence: one of the criteria to be selected or to apply for the programme is if you meet the standard of the American school calendar.

4. Financial support: A support fee of 24,000 dollars yearly is allocated to those who will succeed in the programme.

Eligibility Criteria of James Madison Graduate Fellowship 2024 

For you to apply for the fellowship, you must meet specific criteria. These criteria include:

1. Be prepared to be a secondary school teacher in the United States

2. Have a strong commitment to civic duties and responsibilities

3. Both US-based students and international students are eligible to apply

4. You must enroll as a full-time student in any accredited US institution

5. Be proficient in the English Language

6. Have an outstanding academic record

How to Apply for James Madison Graduate Fellowship 2024

1. Eligible students should enroll in a US-accredited institute for a graduate programme.

2. Go ahead and submit your application online from September 17th.

3. Click on the link to apply Https://scholarship

4. Application deadline is March 1st, 2024


Numerous opportunities are waiting to be discovered, and James Madison is offering such opportunities for students seeking to begin a career in teaching. If you are passionate about teaching and travelling abroad as an African, harness this opportunity before 1st March 1st, 2024.

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