How to Avoid Scammers and Use Online Dating Sites Safely

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How to Use Online Dating Sites Safely – Online dating sites are the fastest and cheapest platforms to search for and meet romantic or sexual partners. The site is free; millions search for new friends on the app.

Online dating sites create attractive features that permit registered platform members to create profiles and upload personal information about themselves. The site requests information such as age, gender, sexual orientation, location, and appearance during registration.

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As an additional advantage to attract friends, some sites request members to add photos or videos to their profiles. As registered members, you must be safe while using the app to search for a romantic partner. Therefore, follow these directives to remain safe while using online dating sites.

Do not Provide your Personal Information on Online Dating Sites.

While registering for online dating sites, you can use information that cannot be traced to you. Do not put your original contact address, age, and phone number. Keep your details away from the app. Create a nickname for the sites, and while discussing with people, control how you reveal personal things about yourself. Once you find a date based on your relationship with the person, you can then adjust your conversation but do not reveal personal information to anyone.

Use Free Mail

Always make use of a free email account. If you choose to lift your Date from the anonymous email provided by most online dating services, i.e. chocolate [email protected], to provide an email address that isn’t your regular one, sign up for free email.

Use an anonymous phone service in communication

Use an anonymous phone line to communicate with your Date once your relationship with them gets deeper. Do not share your home or work phone number or any contact that is traceable to you. Use Skype to communicate, or use an anonymous phone service such as This service protects you until you get familiar with your Date. It will help you to avoid scammers taking advantage of your details.

Ask Questions that Reveal the Person’s Character

While interacting with your Date, try to ask a simple question that would show the kind of person they are. From your interaction, you would know if the person you are chatting with has temperament issues. You would also understand if the person can control their temperament. Ask questions that would show if the person is Mr right. Ask questions that would show what the person is interested in. Inquire about where he/her has visited and the last relationship. Knowing these salient characteristics about your Date would enable you to move on or maintain the relationship only online. Try to avoid bringing up these questions at the same time. Do not sound too personal so as not to scare them off!

Ask for Current Pictures

Always ask for current pictures to have a mental perception of the person. Even if your contact has a profile view, ask for recent to know the everyday look of the person. Based on her tone of communication and her picture, you can quickly get an insight into the person you are talking to. Follow your instincts and avoid mixing up facts while communicating with the person. If the person lies about her picture, it shows that such a person cannot be a good partner. Inconsistency with facts and figures is a red flag that you are talking to a scammer. On your part, try to be nice to the person and look natural.

Use Premium Online Dating Services

Premium Online Dating sites are the best. Rarely do people get scammed on good dating sites that are being paid for. Free online dating services offer opportunities for all forms of individuals. Both people with excellent and dubious intentions are found on free dating sites. No credit card or concrete id that contains information about members on free dating sites. Always go for premium Online Dating sites. Use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to know which dating sites suit your interest. Search online for recommended sites from good dating magazines.

Use a Public Place when Meeting with your Online Date for the first time.

Remember, first impressions matter. While meeting with your online Date for the first time, try to be nice to the person. Try to be honest and be of good conduct. Meet with your online Date for the first time in a public place. Inform your relatives or friends before going out for security purposes. Don’t be too official, and avoid asking questions that seem so personal. Do not accept an offer to be picked up from your house or office on the first Date.


While chatting on dating sites, have it in mind that there are people who are on the sites with dubious intentions. Many are even hiding under the cloak of finding life partners to scam and defraud members with genuine interest. Dating sites have come to stay, and it remains the fastest platform to find people for dating. You must be wise while chatting or meeting with people from online dating sites.

Frequently Ask Questions

How can I stay safe while dating online?


Avoid sharing Personal information. You may not know the intention of who you are dating online. Don’t share nude pictures, no matter how the person is disturbing you. Don’t be too emotional about lovers bringing challenges requiring financial assistance. Refrain from falling for lucrative business ideas and proposals that need financial support.

How do I Know if I’m dating a Scammer?


The first sign of knowing if you are dating a scammer is if he does have a profile picture. Suppose your Date centres their discussion on getting money from you. Please don’t give money to your online Date, no matter how nicely he/her presents her problems or business ideas. Frequent changes in emails are also a red flag.

Can I trust Online Dating?


Based on your conversation with your online lover over time, you can decide whether to trust. Be conscious of your discussion and how you reveal your personal information to your online lover. Pay attention to details and be very tactical in your conversation.

Can I visit my online Date?


Meet with your online Date for the first time in a public place. Inform your relatives or friends before going out for security purposes. Don’t be too official, and avoid asking questions that seem so personal. Do not accept an offer to be picked up from your house or office on the first Date.

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