How to Check Your Facebook Marketplace Eligibility Status

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How to Check Your Marketplace Facebook Eligibility Status – The Facebook marketplace has become a powerful platform for buying and selling. It is a convenient platform for easy online transactions of new and used items.

The platform is a free marketplace with millions of users coming to buy and sell on the app. If your Facebook marketplace is not working on your Facebook app, it means you are totally cut from buying and selling on the Facebook marketplace.

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If you experience this, do not panic, it’s just a simple issue. Check if you are eligible to use Facebook Marketplace.

How to Check Your Facebook Eligibility Status

Check out your eligibility status. Eligibility status could be one of the reasons the feature is not working on the app.

To check your eligibility status

Login to your Facebook accounts

Go to Settings and Accessibility

Go to settings and accessibility to confirm your Facebook marketplace eligibility.

Confirm if your account is new: Facebook gives a marketplace to seasoned accounts with interactivity to avoid scammers taking advantage of the feature.

Confirm your Age: Facebook only allows users above 18 years to participate in the marketplace. If the marketplace feature is not appearing on your account, cross-check your age and edit it.

Confirm your region or country: Facebook selects areas and countries that have access to a marketplace. Facebook marketplace is only present in seventy countries. Check if the feature is available in your country.

Confirm If your Language supported by Facebook: Facebook only approve a few languages across the globe for a marketplace. Presently only 13 languages are supported by Facebook. To know if you are eligible to use Facebook marketplace, check if you are using the supported Facebook languages.

Confirm If Your device is compatible. The updated Facebook app has grown beyond some versions. Versions like Android 2.3 or older or iOS 7 or older don’t have Facebook or a marketplace. Facebook is compatible with all current iPhone, Android, and iPad specifications.

Confirm if your account is banned. Banned, suspended or revoked accounts cannot access a marketplace. Accounts contrary to Facebook community policies will lose access to marketplace features.

How to Appeal Revoked Access on Facebook Marketplace

If your activity contradicts the Facebook community policy and the marketplace feature is taken off, you have to appeal for a review for Facebook to reverse the marketplace. Based on your appeal, Facebook will consider restoring the feature.

To appeal your revoked access:

Log in to Facebook.

Click on the Marketplace icon.

Select Request Review and fill in the form.

Wait for a reply from the Facebook Team.

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