How To Fix Facebook Dating Conversations Disappeared

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How To Fix Facebook Dating Conversations Disappeared? – Re-reading your old messages is usually very interesting as it brings old memories of good moments. Apart from the reflection of ancient events and conversations in the past, old messages are suitable for reference purposes.

Many people go through old chat to remind people of their promises, and some old used to authenticate their stand on issues. But it is somewhat frustrating when old Facebook Dating Conversations Disappear.

Complaints of the disappearance of conversations on Facebook dating are increasing daily among Users of the Facebook dating applications.

If your old Facebook conversation disappears, do not worry. Check why your old Facebook conversation disappears before applying these elaborate solutions.

Reasons for Facebook Dating Conversations Disappearance

There are several reasons why your old Facebook conversation suddenly disappears. It could be because your Facebook is outdated, there are glitches with the Facebook Dating app or server issues. Facebook has removed you, the match has expired, or you have been suspended from the platform because your activity goes against Facebook community policies.

1. Your Facebook Outdated

An outdated Facebook app most times causes old Facebook conversations to Disappear. Update the latest version of Facebook to check if that is the reason. If the old messages are not still showing, it means some bugs or issues affect your messages to disappear.

2. You Need to Improve Your Conversation.

Nobody is above mistakes. One can mistakenly delete conversations with friends. Although this expensive mistake rarely occurs, we cannot rule it off completely. There’s no way to retrieve deleted messages on Facebook. Facebook doesn’t have an option for retrieving deleted conversations.

3. Technical Or Server Glitches issues

Technical or Server Glitches issues often affect the display of old messages. Facebook sometimes faces server and technical matters. If it is a technical issue, it is beyond your limit to resolve it.

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Your Match may have Unmatched Or Blocked You.

If your match unmatches you, your old conversations will disappear. Also, if your friend blocks you for one reason or the other, your old messages with the person will disappear.

Your Account is Suspended

If your account is suspended, old messages will disappear. Suspension is a penalty for violating Facebook community policies. If all your conversation with friends disappears, your account is suspended for some reason.

How To Fix Facebook Dating Conversations Disappeared?

Now that you know the possible reasons why your Facebook Dating Conversations Disappeared, the next thing is to find solutions to resolve it. Use these guidelines to remedy the situation without stress.

Update Facebook

Once you notice your conversations have disappeared, update your account to the latest version.

To update your Facebook app on Android

Go to the play store.
Search for Facebook on the search bar.
Click on update (if you are using the old version of Facebook, the latest version will show up for updates)

To update your Facebook app on iOS

Go to the App store
Search for Facebook on the search bar.
Click on update (if you are using the old version of Facebook, the latest version will show up for updates)

Delete The App Cache

App Cache can cause Facebook messages to Disappear on Android phones. Clear the cache. Too many stocks destroy apps leading to errors and poor performance. This may affect the display of Facebook conversation. Clear the cache to free your device from mistakes.

To clear cache

Go to settings on the main menu of your device.

Click on Apps.

Go back and look for Facebook.

Choose Storage, then Clear Cache.

Reinstall The Application

If you update your Facebook and clear the cache, yet your conversations are not still showing, reinstall your Facebook app. Reinstalling Facebook doesn’t erase your data. This can be the solution to your conversation disappearance.

Confirm whether Facebook Is Down

To further confirm why your Facebook conversation disappears, check if Facebook is down.

To know if Facebook is down:

Go to Twitter and check if others are complaining about Facebook downtime. If truly Facebook is down, it means the disappearance of messages is from Facebook, which is out of your control.

Visit the downdetector page for Facebook and check the number of reports and user comments.
If the words are significant, wait for a few hours till the servers get restored.

Restart The Device

Restart your device to see if your Facebook conversation will appear. You are restarting your device, especially phones and laptops, reset settings, RAM, and usage. Restarting your device helps to clear bugs and re-establish connections.

To restart the Android phone

Press and hold on to the power button till the select option comes out.

Press the restart button and wait a few seconds for the device to restart.

To restart iOS

Press and hold down the home and power buttons at the same time. This would automatically restart the iPhone.

Try using Another Device.

Your device may be the reason why your conversation is not still appearing. Try using another device to see if your discussion will occur. Log in from another device. Log into the Facebook app on another mobile device -> click on the three lines menu -> click Dating. Confirm if your chat has appeared.

Request for Assistance From Facebook

As the last option, if all the solutions fail, contact Facebook’s customer service centre and request assistance… Go to the Facebook help centre and report your issue.


Facebook conversation disappearance is a standard issue faced by many Facebook users. Fortunately, the case can be resolved. All it requires is to know the problem and how to tackle it. These comprehensive guides will always fix Facebook conversation disappear issues if you encounter them.

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