How to Open a Paypal Account

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How to Open a Paypal Account – As the name implies, PayPal is an online payment system designed to send, receive, and pay for goods and services online from companies, families, industries, friends, etc.

Opening a Paypal account makes it easy for you to carry out numerous functions in your comfort zone and convenience. For instance, paying for products or services online can be very frustrating due to some fault with bank apps or codes, but with the help of your PayPal account, you can pay for any product or service you want to acquire instantly and conveniently.

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Also, having a Paypal account enables you to send money and also from your families and friends without much stress.¬†Most times, when you can’t log into your bank app due to some issues occurring with your bank, you can easily log in to your PayPal account to perform whatever task you want to at the moment instead of being stranded.

Also, even with the nature of our internet today, PayPal being an online banking system does not mean that your money or account is at risk; no, PayPal provides strict security towards any fraudulent actions or activities on your account.

PayPal also provides a social payment system for companies, factories, or even individual businesses, enhancing a good relationship between the service providers and their clients without dispute.

Steps on how to open a Paypal Account

1) The first step to open a Paypal account is downloading the app from your browser.

2) The next step after that is to select your account type.

3) Confirm your email address and password.

4) login all your necessary details, e.g. date of birth, nationality etc.

5) Linking your credit or debit card, follow

Additional information after that may be your phone number for extra security; after all verifications, your PayPal account is ready for you to explore.

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