How to Sign up and Start Using Threads

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How to Sign up and Start Using Threads – Meta’s Thread application has gotten millions of sign-ups all over the globe; an application launched on the 6th of July, 2023, already has an estimated 100 million users a week, though many say it is a replicate of Twitter. Still, Thread has more exciting features, and to discover and join the millions of Thread users, knowledge of how to get started is vital.


Like other applications, sign up for the threads application has steps to follow. The following are steps to follow;

  1. Download the Threads app: For iphone users, you visit the Apple store while Android users play the store, search for threads, tap on it, and tap install.
  2. Login: To log into threads, you need to have an Instagram account, but if you don’t have one, here are quick steps to get one
  • Download the Instagram application.
  • Log in with either your email account or Facebook account.
  • Your Instagram account is ready.

After getting an Instagram account, you can continue signing up for your threads account. Still, on login, you would be requested to input your Instagram password to log in, but if you don’t remember your Instagram password (for already existing Instagram users), quickly do the following to continue.

  • Go to your Instagram account
  • Click on the profile, go to the menu bar
  • Click on settings, then click Security
  • Click on the password, then tap “forgot password.”
  • You will receive an email to reset your password
  • After resetting your password, you are ready to continue setting up your Threads account

After getting a new password, you input it into your Threads login, and your account is almost ready.

  1. Create your profile: You must create a profile with your name and bio. You could also import your details from Instagram and decide whether to make your account private or public.


To build your account, you would need followers, and also to follow others’ threads has a special provision which allows you to import your Instagram followers, the people you follow on Instagram who are on Thread and follow them on Threads, and to follow other accounts you click on the search icon then chose to either search for a particular account or follow the accounts suggested for you.

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You must go through the following procedures to create a post on Threads.

  1. Go to create the middle icon on the bottom of the Threads screen. Input your text in the text area. If you intend to input a long text, tap “add to the thread,” which supports long text and input your text there.
  2. Choose your desired audience by tapping “anyone can reply, ” the default setting, then choose from the options displayed.
  3. Tap post to upload your post.


Engagement is a necessity for accounts on social media. To get engagements on Thread, do the following;

  1. Ensure you follow others
  2. Be active always
  3. Like posts by clicking the heart shape below a post
  4. Reply to threads
  5. Do this regularly and enjoy the Threads application


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