How to Sign up for PayU

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How to Sign up for PayU – PayU is a unifying platform that assists people in making transactions quickly over the Internet. It is one of the most robust tools that help marketers make payments across borders.

Financial tech companies are now the new normal, and it is essential for buying and making payments for purchases quickly and making payments with ease.

     There are several steps that one has to take to sign up for PayU, and this article will serve as the guide you need to help you sign up on PayU and start enjoying convenience in your business.

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Download the APP on your App Store using your smart gadgets. For IOS users, go to your Play Store, search the App and install it on your device.


 After downloading the App, enable to go through the policies listed on the App. Enter all the required information. This information ranges from your personal information card, which should be accordingly. You need not worry about information theft because the App is secured using blockchain. It also uses a unified RSA identification number unique to only a user.


 Enter your personal information; 

Note that every information you provide should resonate with truth; PayU is equivalent to your everyday banks, so any alterations can result in difficulty accessing transactions.

Such include:

1. Your name: you enter your first and last name where indicated.

2. Your email address: Provide a functional email

3. Mobile number: Enter your mobile number with your country’s code.

4. Provide your RSA identification number 

5. Enter your date of birth, including the day, month and year

6. Choose a password

7. Repeat the password

8. Select a security question 

9. Provide the answer to the security question

10. Enter the code that will send to your device


At the top of your screen, after filling in your personal information, another provision is made for your card details. Making card details is one of the trickiest parts of signing up on PayU, but ensure to fill in all the information required.

  Enter your card details: Ensure that your card details are accurate. You can rest assured that every piece of information you provide on your card details is secured from theft.

STEP FIVE: Activate your account: you can only be granted access to make transactions on the App if you have activated your account. Other than that, it is impossible to make transactions.

After completing these five steps, you can easily use PayU to transact.


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