5 Reasons For Being Blocked From Facebook Marketplace

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5 Reasons For Being Blocked From Facebook Marketplace – the Facebook marketplace is an e-commerce feature of the Facebook app that makes it easier for buyers and sellers to meet online and exchange goods or services for pay.

Facebook marketplace is equivalent to the stock market, except it makes it easier to select what you need with prices stated clearly. It allows you to see listings and scroll by until you find a price or product that fits your taste!

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Facebook serves as a channel where sellers can meet their customers by creating a marketplace account and listing the items they intend to sell. Marketplace helps sellers to market their products or services to a local audience who will contact them through direct messages or call their numbers to get the products.

If you are eager to know how to enjoy the Facebook marketplace, then this article is especially for you. To enjoy hinge-free usage of your marketplace, you need to know why your account gets blocked and avoid such problems.

  1. Using Automation Tools: Automation tools are bots that assist one in making posts at intervals; if a bot manages your account and publishes articles often when Facebook management notices that bots are managing your account, it can cause your marketplace account to be blocked from Facebook. Most Marketplace users may play smart with Facebook and use automated tools to post their products at intervals; when Facebook discovers that the bot manages your account, it will block such an account from its marketplace.
  2. Breach of Community Policy: The Facebook marketplace has a long list of community standards, and breaching any of these standards in your post advert can be one of the primary reasons your Facebook marketplace account can get blocked. Some of those community standard policies include: Posting contents that contain prohibited items– adult products, alcohol, human parts, discriminatory contents, gambling, document racketeering, stolen goods, tobacco-related products, weapons and explosions, animals and animal products, sexual activities etc. This can be the reason your Marketplace account can get blocked.
  3. Report from Users: Marketplace members can send their feedback to Facebook if your post or product goes against their likes or goes against Facebook marketplace policy. If you post sensitive content, users that abhor such content can report it to Facebook, and Facebook will review such a product. If it goes against their policy, they can block your marketplace account.
  4. Unauthorized Promotion in Pages: Most vendors go ahead to post their products on other people’s pages without seeking permission from the page owners; blind posting is rude and is capable of putting your marketplace account at risk of getting blocked by Facebook.
  5. Putting Links in your Posts: Posting your product or service in the Facebook marketplace and placing links to other posts with your wife about the product can risk your account being blocked by Facebook. Your products skilled not contain any links. Most of those links can contain spam messages which Facebook might view as a compromising activity.


Facebook marketplace has become a mainstay marketplace just as its name implies; if you are a vendor aspiring to sell locally within or even outside your city, you should consider joining the Facebook marketplace.


1. Is there anything I can do to unblock my marketplace account?

If your Facebook marketplace place account is blocked, there is nothing you can do to unblock yourself; all you have to do is appeal to the Facebook community and prove that the account is yours.

2. How do I get more patronage on my Facebook marketplace?

If you desire more patronage on your Marketplace, keep posting your products and services on the marketplace. Consistency is the key to having more patronage.

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