Red Flags in Relationships

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Red Flags in Relationships – Relationships are meant to be a source of happiness amid life-draining situations or environments. When your relationship becomes a sour one, when it becomes the reason your happiness is in chaos, then it is time to draw the line.

Before any relationship becomes sour, they may have been red flags that you might have ignored. This article will outline the red flags in a relationship, suggest when to draw the line, and what you can do to improve your relationship.

Below are some of the red flags in relationships 

1. Manipulation:

Watch this in your relationship; manipulation shares a thin line with gaslighting. When your partner begins to subtly make you do things against your will or make you feel guilty about things that you did or did not do and have even apologized about it, it probably is the right time for you to readjust and make a review of your relationship and how better you can make it work out for you.

2. Low self-esteem:

If you are in a relationship and still feel worthless, you need to rethink why you are in a relationship that makes you feel terrible about yourself. Your relationship should be your safe place; your partner is meant to make you feel better about yourself, and help you to be a better version of yourself, if you realize that you are in a relationship with someone and yet feeling worthless about yourself or that you are too inferior to your partner, it is a red flag that needs redress immediately.

3. Absence of trust:

You can’t be in a relationship and be cautious of your partner. If you cannot trust your partner with your body, finances, personal challenges, family problems, and academic issues, then you are in the wrong place. Trust is the bedrock of every successful relationship. If your partner has repeatedly betrayed your trust, it is time for you to reflect on the relationship you want to have.

4. Overly controlling:

Overly controlling partners usually come from a place of distrust, which may be from their previous relationships, from past scenarios in their present relationships or from upbringing. Whatever the case, try and work it out. If it is beyond your control and you can choose to walk out.

6. Jealousy:

Being in a relationship with someone who feels threatened with your success and progress is a mishap. If your partner feels jealous of your success, it is not a good sign for a healthy relationship. Your partner is meant to be your number-over cheerleader. If the reverse is the case, it is the right time to think through what you need in your partner and relationship.

8. Lack of emotional/ mental intelligence:

One of the most painful parts of a relationship is when your partner pays little or no attention to your emotions and feelings. It might not be a good sign when they play down or make fun of your pain. The same goes for your mental intelligence. When you feel that your mind and heart are toyed with, it is a negative sign in your relationship, especially if it is a new behaviour that wasn’t there before.

How You Can Approach Red Flags in Your Relationships

There are so many ways you can approach your partner about red flags in your relationship, but these five are outstanding

1. Communicate your feelings to your partner

2. Be honest with your feelings

3. Take good care of yourself

4. Know what you can and can’t take in your relationship

5. Seek a therapist 


1. How do I forgive a cheating partner?

First, deciding what type of relationship you want is yours. If what you value is a toxic cheating partner, then learn to live with them, accepting their flaws. If you feel you deserve better, walk away knowing you lost nothing.

2. How do I tell my partner it is over without hurting their feelings?

You need to think more about yourself and what you need. There is no better time to break up with someone than it wouldn’t hurt them. Your happiness should be prioritized.

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