Facebook Online Dating-How to Stay Safe While Using Facebook For Dating 

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Facebook Online Dating-How to Stay Safe While Using Facebook For Dating  Facebook is an application that is open to anyone and everyone. Anyone can forge their identity to be whoever they choose to be to carry out any activity they wish to, and mostly, these people go scot-free with it, playing with the minds of the innocent and unsuspecting.

Therefore, it is pertinent for Facebook and even Facebook dating site users to be cautious and watch for writings on the wall pointing towards deception or other nefarious activities that fraudsters may wish to employ on the site.

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If you are battling to curb fraudsters and stay safe while using the Facebook dating site, this article is one you will need.

Staying Safe on Facebook Relationship Site 

Facebook dating can be a safe space if you avoid publicizing and telling people about certain information listed here.

1. Your full name:

Entering your full name on your Facebook dating app is not the best decision; fraudsters can call you using your full name to convince you to send them money for whatever situation they choose to come up with to make the cooked story believable.

2. Financial status:

There may be better decisions than disclosing your financial status to someone you just met on a Facebook relationship site. Keep your financial status confidential if you want to stay safe on Facebook.

3. Residual address:

No matter how much effort anyone puts into asking you for your personal information, including your house address, do not disclose it; instead, be suspicious of such a person and do not share such information with anyone you meet online.

4. Mobile number:

Your mobile number is linked to several critical or essential occasions; sharing your number with just anyone without getting to know the person very well may be challenging.

5. Where you work:

Keep information about your place of work, earnings, and office position private except if such a person has broken through, that is, has proven to be a long-time acquaint and trustworthy, do not disclose such information to anyone you meet online.

6. Other identifying information is probably family members since deceitful people can access you through them.

Staying Secure while Meeting In Person

1. Meet the person in a public place 

2. Ensure someone is aware of your whereabouts

3. Monitor whatever you take in, especially food and drinks 

4. Keep your phone on

5. Go out with your transport fare in terms of emergencies 

If You Feel Uncomfortable with the Conversation 

1. Block

2. Report

3. End the date


1. Will someone know if I block them?

Facebook will not alert anyone if you block them, but when they realize they can’t contact you anymore, they will know you blocked them.

2. Will someone know if I report them?

No, they will not. Facebook might notify them if they are found guilty of the offence and may suspend their accounts, but they will not know who reported their account.

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