Steps to Create a Google Pay Account

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Steps to Create a Google Pay Account – Now that everything requires payment and is primarily online, google pay is an excellent option to join. Google Pay is a suitable online platform that helps reduce the stress of everything that concerns payment, whether that of goods, services, transfers, etc.

And the funny thing is that most people are only aware of using Google to browse any topics, titles, headlines, or thereabout. Still, today you are opportune to discover another essential function of Google even more than the browsing you know about. I am not saying that browsing with Google is not a good thing or not beneficial; the fact that you can also carry out payment activities with the help of the same thing you use for research or browsing makes it more awesome, in fact, fantastic.

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It will be a joy to do your transactions, payment, purchase and much more in just one spot without any troubles. Google Pay is available on all devices, even your smartwatches, so you have nothing to fear or worry about.

And on your google pay, you can transfer your money anytime. In the case of any transaction issues, it won’t take more than 3-5 working days for your money to be credited back to your bank account, which is an excellent thing to do, unlike some payment apps or platforms that will hold onto your money for weeks before refund.

And google Pay is not limited to your local payment alone; it is also available internationally or worldwide. So even if you want to use google pay for your business too, you are free to do so without anything restraining you. And the google pay account is straightforward to create; below are

Steps to Create a Google Pay Account:

1) The first step to creating a google pay account is to download the google pay app straightforwardly to find through the play store.

2) Enter your phone number

3) sign in with your email account

4) Ensure to verify your phone number

5) Apply a security code to your google pay account.

Would you also like to link your bank account to your newly opened google pay account for quicker accessibility?

The steps to do that are also straightforward:

1) login to your google pay app and tap on your profile picture

2) click on Add a Bank account

3) Select your bank account from the list of banks

4) select a sim slot if you have dual sim

5) select the specific bank account, too; if you have two, then click on continue

6) following the instructions, insert your card details

7) click Create a pin to keep your account secure, and don’t share your pin with anyone.

How to Remove your Bank Account on Google Pay

Due to specific reasons known to you, you should remove your bank account from google pay. The steps to follow are below:

1) log in to your google pay app and tap on your profile picture

2) Tap on the account you want to remove

3) click more to display more options and tap Remove the account.

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