Three Businesses that you can Start with 150K or Less

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Three Businesses that you can Start with 150K or Less – Are you looking for a business that can bring you daily income? Great, then you’re in the right place. Below are some businesses that you can do to get daily income.

Three Businesses that you can Start with 150K or Less

1) Small Chops: small chops such as samosa, spring rolls, peppered chicken/goat meat, puff-puff, doughnuts, etc., are trending the most today because people don’t only use them for events again but also eat them as food. So if you make them very well and use and use a unique packaging strategy for them that will satisfy your customers, you won’t need to tell them to give you contracts when they have any events such as conferences, birthdays, weddings, etc. they will be the one’s to contact you and even help you showcase it on social media with that, you are very sure of your income.

2) Food Stuff: Food kinds such as rice, beans, spaghetti, crayfish, palm oil, etc. are another business that will give you daily income because food is necessary for our daily well-being. In the foodstuffs business, you can start with a shade in your compound and then move to a shop as time passes. And the best way to make quick sales in your foodstuff business is to use competitive prices and advertise your goods on social media; with this, your daily income is sure.

3) Car Wash: The next business on the list that you can get daily income from is the car wash business. Cars of different varieties are widely used daily, so with this insight, how to get started should not be an issue because you can actually begin with door-to-door services within your neighbourhood and then progress to getting your place but before getting a place, ensure that there’s the availability of water which is the essential tool needed. Car wash solutions, towels, brushes, etc can follow. Then, to get customers for daily income, it’s best to fix your car wash business in a busy area, probably close to shopping malls, sit-out gardens, etc.

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