Unable to Access Facebook Marketplace

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Unable to Access Facebook Marketplace – I’m unable to access the Facebook marketplace!! Is that your worry? Don’t panic again; this article is here to help you out.

Facebook marketplace, as we know, is one of the biggest online platforms that deal with buying and selling different varieties of products. When having difficulty accessing your Facebook marketplace, always ensure to check that you meet all the requirements needed to be able to use Facebook marketplace place, because just as our different organizations have a body of guiding principles, so does Facebook marketplace.

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Also, ensure that the items/ products you want to sell on the Facebook marketplace are consistent with Facebook marketplace community standards. Just as you cannot take anything you feel like taking to your local market for sale, so also on Facebook marketplace, you must be able to control the type of items showcased.

Some examples of products sold on the marketplace include furniture, Books, Accessories, Electronic goods, clothing, etc. Even with that, if you encounter any problem while trying to upload any product you feel is okay to sell on the Facebook marketplace, you can always fill out the marketplace item appeal form.

With the way our modern technology is going today, scamming everywhere, the marketplace community only approves recently opened accounts to avoid any fraudulent activities, so make sure that the version you are using for the marketplace is not a recently opened one.
The Facebook marketplace also prohibits underage usage, so make sure you are above 18 years and above when using the marketplace.

Also, ensure that your language is in line with Facebook marketplace languages. Another thing that can make you unable to access the Facebook marketplace is your location. While accessing the marketplace, you should be careful of your site to avoid inconveniences or frustration.

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  1. I have not been able to find the reason I have been blocked from FB marketplace. I have written numerous times and the only response I get, “will get back to you within 24 hours”. I attempted to post a kitchen sink with picture attached. Can’t really imagine what I could have done, but not being told what I did “was inappropriate content”, it is quite difficult to know what to do to correct it.

    However, I will say that when I posted, the response was immediate “inappropriate content”, immediately followed by my computer “freezing” up indicating that pornography was attempting to download onto my computer. Have to think that some kind of virus got into my phone, (from which I downloaded the photo). At any rate, the problem has not been resolved and I still cannot get into FB marketplace. Hope you can help resolve this situation.


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